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100+ Years of Aviation Safety

Creating Safer Skies Worldwide




Annual cost of runway accidents


Number of lives saved by Honeywell's Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)



Installations of GPWS or Enhanced GPWS (EGPWS)


Accident rate reduction from one in 3 million, caused by controlled flight into terrain

Ensuring Flight Safety

The advancement of Urban Air Mobility and increase in commercial travel will challenge the modern airspace. Gain visibility and control of hazards to keep your flights safe—from block time and ground turns through all phases of flight.

Runway accidents make up 25% of commercial aviation incidents. Reduce the risk for your planes with Honeywell solutions, designed to aid pilots in safe taxi, takeoff and landing. Our solutions can help:

  • Increase flight crew awareness
  • Pinpoint precise airplane location to aid landings
  • Preview runways and airports

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We developed the first Ground Proximity Warning System in the 1970s and has continuously improved the technology since. We offer multiple Enhanced GPWS products that can:

  • Protect against controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and wind shear
  • Provide unprecedented situational awareness through synthetic vision
  • Offer aural alerts, visual annunciations and terrain display

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Our weather management solutions use tools such as 3-D volumetric scanning, 360-degree views and in-air pilot-sourced weather information to:

  • Improve weather hazard detection by 26%
  • Reduce turbulence-related incidents by 45%
  • Inform routing and maneuvering decisions

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