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Generic Primus Epic
Generic Primus Epic


Avionics for the future of flight

Honeywell has been the leading provider of avionics including cockpit displays, flight controls, flight management systems and integrated flight decks since the early days of aviation and space exploration.

Honeywell led the evolution from electromechanical instruments to cathode ray tube (CRT) displays and from CRTs to high-performance color liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Honeywell accelerated the transition from analog cockpits with the Primus 1000/2000 integrated flight deck by minimizing the number of analog instruments which presented flight data on a need-to-know basis and advanced three-axis autopilots.

Honeywell has continued to lead the industry with next generation integrated flight decks to drive innovation across our core segments including airlines, business aviation, defense and general avigation while expanding rapidly to meet the needs of developing segments like urban air mobility and UAVs.

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Why Honeywell Avionics?


Honeywell avionics services are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft.


Honeywell’s avionics are trusted by millions of passengers each day to get them to their destination safely.


Our avionics help pilots and ground crews fly more efficient, direct and on-time flights.

User Experience

Honeywell's integrated flight decks reduce pilot workloads and improve situational awareness.

Predictive Insights

Our flight displays and synthetic vision system give pilots and crews the information they need to make swift decisions in-flight.


Honeywell avionics are being used across various platforms and aircraft to create a more efficient flying experience for the next-generation pilot and cockpit.

Supported Platforms

Airlines & Cargo

Business Aviation


General Aviation



UAVs & Urban Air Mobility

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