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Honeywell Anthem is the Future of Flight

Our newest and most advanced flight deck will herald a new age of aviation where connectivity will help enable true autonomy. The touch interface is more intuitive than any other cockpit available today. “Always-on” access to data improves operational efficiency and safety while reducing pilots’ preflight preparation time – by up to 45 minutes per flight. Honeywell Anthem is scalable and customizable for all types of aircraft.

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Airplane Information Management System

Airplane Information Management System (AIMS) is a full cockpit integration solution for Boeing 777s. Known as “mission control,” (AIMS) provides flight management displays for the famous Triple Seven aircraft, inspiring confidence every moment of flight while ensuring on-time arrivals.

Augmented Reality

Our wearable display provides situational awareness, safety and preparedness in hazardous conditions, particularly in low-visibility or nighttime environments, for both military personnel on the ground and pilots in the air.

Autopilots & Indicators

Our roster of Autopilot and Indicator systems provides critical accuracy for various small and experimental aircraft, helping to improve the safety and reliability of your flight experience.

Cockpit Displays

Arguably the most important part of any aircraft, our Cockpit Displays are equipped with the latest technology to provide a clear picture of critical airplane systems. Pilots rely on our clear and easy-to-navigate displays to safely get them and their passengers to millions of destinations a year.

Control Display Units

Our Control Display Units help pilots navigate flight trajectory while also monitoring traffic congestion. Our advanced radar improves safety, utilizing the latest in touch-screen technology and clear visuals for easy and quick viewing during flight operations.

Flight Management Systems

Equipped with the highest technological tools, our Flight Management Systems ensure accuracy from takeoff to highway flight to landing, including interfacing with air traffic control, providing the shortest routes, and improving fuel efficiency.

Image Processing Module

Our Image Processing Module (v5) wraps both graphics and processing together, meaning there’s no need for a graphics card. This results in fewer parts, making for a more seamless flying experience.

Integrated Flight Decks

We offer cutting-edge Flight Deck solutions with clear displays so it’s simple to see everything in one place quickly and efficiently. We tailor solutions to OEMs to ensure optimal performance from the start.


With so many operations simultaneously at work, our Onboard Maintenance Systems (OMS) continually perform in the background to monitor critical aspects of the flight journey, notifying pilots when necessary. This reduces downtime, while increasing peace of mind for those at the controls.

Synthetic Vision Systems

Accurate 3D models enhance crew situational awareness of forward terrain, making it easy on pilots and vastly improving safety of approaches.

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