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Leading the Revolution

The revolution in connectivity has come to aviation in the form of the Connected Aircraft, changing the way people communicate both on and with an aircraft and making flights safer, more productive and much more entertaining. Learn more about Honeywell’s innovative solutions addressing the biggest aircraft connectivity challenges.

Improve the passenger experience while helping make the crew more productive with hardware that enables seamless, high-speed broadband. Our suite of satellite communication offerings provides fast, consistent, reliable, global in-flight connectivity for business aviation, airlines and helicopters—anywhere in the world. Get reliable high-speed connections for cabin and cockpit.

Honeywell Forge
Honeywell Forge, our advanced data platform, is now available:

Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency
The leading solution to drive sustainability, optimize operations, and reduce costs.

Honeywell Forge for Business Aviation
Offers a comprehensive portfolio of in-flight connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and flight database services.

You need the latest data to make sure you’re getting peak performance from your Honeywell FMS and EGPWS.

Honeywell Forge Navigation and Terrain Databases make it fast and easy for you to get the updates you need year-round.


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Frequently Asked Questions

With a unique portfolio that spans network connectivity, hardware, software and services, we have solutions to help you harness your data to predict maintenance, save fuel, shorten aircraft turnaround time, reduce delays and turbulence and give pilots up-to-the-minute information while in flight.

What is the Connected Aircraft?

The Connected Aircraft is the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brought to aviation. Leveraging new technology and much more reliable high-speed Wi-Fi connections, the Connected Aircraft is a series of solutions designed to revolutionize modern-day flying, dramatically improving fleet management, flight safety, passenger experience, aircraft maintenance, flight operations, aircraft turnaround time and costs. 

The solutions connect an airplane’s components and equipment, enabling each to immediately send, receive and analyze data. This can enable more informed decision-making, operational cost reduction and an improved flying experience.

Using big data, analytics and secure communications technology, the Connected Aircraft can better anticipate issues and offer unique insights. By harnessing the power of analytics with the confidence of a secure communication link, operators can potentially avoid weather, flight disruption and additional cost, and drive faster turnaround times.

What infrastructure is required for data streaming in the Connected Aircraft?

To stream data in real time on an aircraft, you need a combination of technologies, including satellite communications support—plus a GoDirect Router, an Aircraft Data Gateway and a Satellite Communications System from Honeywell.

  • The GoDirect Router is a multipurpose solution that provides:
    • Wireless database loading
    • Cabin connectivity
  • The ADG400 enables wireless database loading to keep information secure with built-in encryption, transmission and monitoring.
  • The Satellite Communications System enables:
    • Cockpit voice and safety services
    • Cabin connectivity and passenger connectivity services
    • Real-time data transfer from and to the aircraft
How does the Connected Aircraft work?

The Connected Aircraft combines satellite components, airplane hardware, airtime connectivity, and apps and services on and off the aircraft to change the way people communicate across the aviation industry. 

Does the Connected Aircraft have a mobile device component?

Yes. Flight crews and ground crews can access a range of Connected Aircraft capabilities through apps on their smartphones or iPads—including planning services that used to require a 40-pound flight bag of resources.

Who owns the data collected by the Connected Aircraft solution?

We are supporting the rights of airlines and operators to own their operational and flight data. 

How does the Connected Aircraft help operators save money?

By providing greater visibility into operations, Connected Aircraft solutions can help reduce fuel costs and emissions. Connected Aircraft solutions help operators boost profits by streamlining and improving operations - saving operators up to $200,000 a year per aircraft.

Why should we choose Honeywell Connected Aircraft over other technology providers?

Honeywell’s decades of experience and expertise in components, sensors and technology make us the smart choice for Connected Aircraft solutions. Unlike other technology companies, our data outcomes have high stakes, with lives on the line. We’re in the business of providing safety with no room for error. Our software must provide highly accurate and dependable views of what will happen along with recommended courses of action.

Honeywell is committed to the Connected Aircraft as the future of aviation, and we know what’s on the line for you. Compared to many companies today offering technology solutions, we have:

  • Deep experience in aerospace. We fully understand the industry’s issues and challenges.
  • Experience in technology and data. The Connected Aircraft is as much about software and data management as it is about aviation hardware. We know both.
  • Understanding of your challenges. Commercial aviation can be as different from defense aviation as fixed-wing aircraft are from helicopters. We work with both.
  • Analytical tools and approaches. We offer sophisticated tools that help you gather insight from your data.
  • Implementation capabilities and support. We have experience in installing solutions and providing crew training and support.
Is the Connected Aircraft only for commercial use, or is it also available to the defense industry?

The Connected Aircraft is available to both commercial and defense industry aviation, including helicopters.

In this age of connected defense, there is no substitute for seamless, reliable, fast and secure communication capabilities. As with any solution used by the defense industry, the Connected Aircraft has built-in cybersecurity and is supported by additional services, such as vulnerability assessments, predicative analytics and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

We know that mission success depends on technologies that enable informed, reliable situational awareness to support command decision-making and peak aircraft performance. As a connected defense solution, the Connected Aircraft delivers the trusted data that commanders need to make informed decisions and the secure channels they need to communicated with warfighters and assets in the field.

The Connected Aircraft enables mobile, ground and airborne command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) throughout the battlespace—helping to:

  • Accelerate decision speed for mission effectiveness.
  • Improve situational understanding.
  • Reduce disruptions.
  • Increase availability, safety and efficiency across all combat domains.
Is the Connected Aircraft primarily for passengers and their networking and entertainment needs during flight?

No. The benefits of the Connected Aircraft go far beyond passengers’ needs. The solution can benefit everyone who manages, works or travels by plane.

For owners and operators, the Connected Aircraft can:

  • Revolutionize flight operations—dramatically improving aircraft turnaround time.
  • Cut troubleshooting time by up to 25% via predictive maintenance.
  • Provide access to real-time information, which allows:
    • Flight and fleet operations to translate aircraft data into actionable metrics to improve efficiency and save money
    • Flight operation managers to better manage fleet trajectory and lock in schedules

For pilots and flight crews, the solution:

  • Provides more information about the flight environment
  • Helps all flight departments work together
  • Enables data sharing across scheduling, flight planning, tracking and post-flight groups to:
    • Improve strategic maneuvering.
    • Reduce flight times and optimizing route miles ahead of bad weather.
  • Provides pilots with access to updated and customized wind and temperature information throughout all phases of the flight
  • Delivers 3D animated views of destination airports that increase pilots’ situational awareness and allow them to see and avoid bad weather and clear-air turbulence—which can lead to improved arrival times

It allows ground and maintenance crews to:

  • Keep operations at optimal efficiency and aircraft in optimal condition.
  • Reduce aircraft on-ground time and costs through data gateways.
  • Adjust preparations in response to weather data and see the effect of pilot decisions on arrival time.
  • Identify components that will require maintenance or replacement before the aircraft lands and ensure spare parts are available, if needed.
  • Cut troubleshooting time by up to 25% via predictive maintenance.

The Connected Aircraft also benefits passengers through:

  • Shorter flights
  • More punctual departures
  • Enhanced in-flight entertainment and productivity through 10X to 100X faster Wi-Fi speeds and fewer drops
  • Fewer in-flight bumps