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Honeywell G650 landing gear
Honeywell G650 landing gear

Solving Today’s Challenges with the Connected Aircraft

Modern connectivity has revealed the immense power of data. It has already transformed much of the world; now it is revolutionizing aviation. The Connected Aircraft has the potential to solve the major challenges facing aircraft and operators of all kinds, from military to civilian, fixed wing to helicopters and private jets to commercial fleets.

Connected Aircraft technologies turn an aircraft into a node on a larger network, allowing for in-flight entertainment, better ground-to-aircraft communications and the ability to tackle the complexity of modern flight.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

The complexity of modern aircraft, demanding customer and warfighter expectations and the lean budgets facing most operators create a challenging environment for anyone in the aviation industry.

  • Optimizing operations relies on capturing the right insights to reduce delays, keep passengers happy or mission ready and keep aircraft ready to fly. It requires not just collecting the right data, but getting it to the people who can use it quickly.
  • Getting more out of existing assets is another challenge that hides opportunity for aircraft operators. For instance, fuel use can account for 20 to 40 percent of an airline’s operating costs, so even a small change in fuel efficiency can lead to enormous savings—potentially tens of millions of dollars—for operators. Improvements in gate times, time between flights and almost any metric of operations can lead to additional savings.
  • Making crews both on ground and in air safer and more productive requires better information that can help to reduce their effort and fatigue. Preventative, predictive and reliable maintenance can further enhance the way your teams work.
  • Improving passenger experiences today requires offering home-like Wi-Fi connectivity in any location around the globe. Doing so can differentiate an airline, delight passengers or ensure that combat personnel remain mission ready. 

The beauty of the Connected Aircraft is that the data it creates can help solve all of these challenges.


Nose to tail. Air to ground. Connected across 84+ product lines. 


Connecting to Better Results

Just as the Internet of Things is connecting devices of all kinds in other industries, in the Connected Aircraft, thousands of sensors and devices connect to create data that can benefit passengers, pilots, warfighters and operators.

This information provides real data on what’s happening now and can help automate what happens next. With it you can prevent inefficiencies. Or you can use your data to better understand what’s affecting costs, time, and performance issues and provide greater visibility and insight into how you spend time and resources. The Connected Aircraft also offers the potential to improve communication in real time, which can help make flights safer, passengers more comfortable and operations smoother.

The Connected Aircraft can be the difference in aircraft arrival and departure predictability, passenger- and cockpit-to-ground communications, fuel and operations efficiencies and mission readiness. And more and better data can help you make better decisions across your organization.

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