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Sponsored by NetJets: When Does It Make Sense to Take a Private Jet?

Sponsored by NetJets: When Does It Make Sense to Take a Private Jet?

The travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Airline passenger levels have fallen dramatically and virtually every air carrier has been forced to reduce schedules, cancel routes and take aircraft out of service.

All this leaves travelers with fewer choices when they go to book an essential business or personal flight. No wonder a lot of fliers are reconsidering the many advantages of traveling by private aircraft, including the ability to fly to locations with limited or nonexistent airline service.

Flying in a business jet probably makes the most sense for business executives, entrepreneurs and others willing to invest in private jet travel. Many companies of all sizes own a business aircraft and are accustomed to weighing the choice between using the company plane and flying commercial. But other options are also available such as chartering a business jet or working with a leading company like Honeywell customer NetJets, which offers industry-leading fractional ownership, lease and jet card programs. 

Whether your company owns an aircraft or you’re using another options, it goes without saying that flying on a business aircraft is an expensive proposition. But there are times when the benefits outweigh the costs. Here are some occasions when you may want to book a private jet:

When it makes economic sense. It sounds counterintuitive but flying on a business jet makes economic sense when multiple business executives or family members are flying to the same destination at the same time. It may be worthwhile to compare the cost of leasing a small business aircraft to the price of four first-class seats. You just might be surprised. 

Beyond the simple arithmetic of comparing out-of-pocket costs, you also should consider the loss of productivity experienced on a typical commercial flight, then add in the time executives spend standing in line at the airport or waiting in the concourse. A simple 45-minute flight often becomes a multi-hour ordeal—or longer if your flight is delayed or canceled.

Multiply those hours by the salaries of your C-level executives and flying in a business jet begins to look more affordable, especially if the aircraft is equipped with a fast, reliable in-flight Wi-Fi system that gives passengers an office-like connected experience. It’s the kind of experience Honeywell can provide with our JetWave satellite communications system and Honeywell Forge cabin connectivity and flight services platform.

In addition, because of the CARES Act, the federal excise tax will be removed from all jet card programs and fuel taxes will be eliminated through December 31, resulting in lower costs per flight hour for qualifying NetJets owners.

When you fly NetJets, one-hour minimum charges are now waived for flights on popular light and midsize jets. So, you only pay for the time you’re in the air, making NetJets an ideal choice for those quick, same-day trips.

When you need to stay productive. Today’s business jet cabin is truly an “office in the sky.” JetWave hardware and airtime and flight services from Honeywell Forge enable you to connect to an ultrafast Ka-Band broadband satellite network from the moment you buckle in until you arrive at the terminal or FBO. It also enables you to stay connected, with extremely reliable Wi-Fi that is available almost anywhere you fly, even on transoceanic flights.

With a Honeywell connectivity solution onboard, you’ll be able to send and receive email, access the internet, download and upload large files, videoconference with important clients, watch the evening news and do anything else you can do in your ground-bound office. And, when it’s time to relax, you’ve got plenty of bandwidth to watch the big game live, play online videogames, stream the latest blockbuster or FaceTime with friends and family.

In addition to your Honeywell Forge-enabled suite of entertainment options, NetJets’ customized In-Flight Entertainment System offers travelers more than 100 feature films, television shows and news programs, all updated monthly and instantly available on your personal devices.

When comfort, privacy and security are essential. The comfort of flying on your own private jet is priceless. Business jet passengers have full control over cabin technology – lighting, temperature, speakers, window shades, cabin entertainment systems and more – to create the perfect cabin atmosphere for working, relaxing, watching a movie or taking a nap.

Flying in a business jet is the best way to make sure you arrive at your destination rested and refreshed. To help, NetJets can also provide your favorite newspapers, premium drinks and snacks, and even gourmet meals from the Signature Selections in-flight dining menu. 

Business colleagues can discuss sensitive and proprietary matters with the same expectation of privacy they have in their own boardroom, shielded from prying ears and time-wasting interruptions. No wonder important business decisions are often made while cruising at 40,000 feet.

Security is a priority in business aviation. For example, with NetJets, no passenger is associated with a specific tail number and passenger travel data is maintained under the strictest of confidentiality behind cutting-edge cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is built into all Honeywell Forge features, services and applications to safeguard the information and personal devices used on the airplane from cyberattack. 

At many airports, boarding lounges offer passengers exclusive access to secure, private points of departure. This ensures you travel without concern regarding public scrutiny because no one will ever know when and where you are traveling. In addition, QS Security Services, a new subsidiary of NetJets, provides access to a global network of security partners with superior expertise in the unique personal protection requirements of private jet passengers.

When you want to save time and avoid hassles. Sometimes you need to travel off the beaten path or visit customers in several states in one day—and still make it home for the Little League game. That’s almost impossible when you fly commercial, but it’s entirely doable with a business jet. Business jet users are able to cram more into their working day and accomplish in a single day what might take two to three days if they were using commercial transportation.

Commercial aircraft fly into about 500 airports in the U.S. Private aircraft, however, can access many more of the approximately 5,000 general aviation airports. This means a business jet can usually get you closer to your real destination, faster and more efficiently, without all the problems that come with connecting flights.

In addition, when you charter a jet you usually get to make your own schedule rather than having to adhere to the airline’s established timetable. Plus, there’s less wasted time in the airport because you don’t have to deal with TSA, long lines, baggage check and the normal time-consuming boarding routine. With private boarding lounges at many popular locations, NetJets eliminates lines, streamlines customs, and allows you to simply exit your vehicle and board in minutes. And when you arrive at your destination, your pre-arranged ground transportation is waiting.

With all these benefits—and more—it’s easy to see why more travelers are expanding their use of business aircraft for their essential travel and why the business aviation industry is on an accelerated path to recover from the impact of the global pandemic.  

For more on Honeywell connected aircraft solutions, contact your Honeywell representative or visit us online. Click here to learn more about NetJets ownership, leasing and jet card programs. Or call 877-356-5823 and ask about NetJets’ new and enhanced programs that makes travel easier and more cost-efficient than ever before.


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