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Honeywell is the recognized industry leader in accelerometers for aerospace inertial navigation, guidance and control, industrial measurement, and for measurement-while-drilling in the energy services business.

With more than three million shipped since 2001, Honeywell’s quartz-based accelerometers have earned a reputation for being the industry standard because of their unparalleled accuracy, durability and quality.

Today, we’re proud to offer a range of accelerometers designed to meet the most demanding performance requirements for applications in:

  • Navigation: our highest performance grade for the most demanding applications
  • Control and Measurement: economical but reliable
  • Oil and gas:  specifically designed for the rigors of energy exploration

Q-Flex Accelerometers for Navigation, Control and Measurement

Honeywell's Q-FLEX accelerometers feature a patented Q-Flex etched-quartz-flexure seismic system and their amorphous quartz proof-mass structure provides excellent bias, scale factor and axis alignment stability.

The Q-FLEX QA3000, QA2000, QA750, and QA650 and are used extensively in avionics, surface and marine navigation and industrial applications around the world.

Q-Flex Accelerometers for Oil and Gas

In addition, we offer a modified QFLEX accelerometer class designed specifically to tolerate the most demanding measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and wireline environments (up to 200oC and high shock/vibration) while providing precision accuracy, stability and reliability. The QAT160, QAT185 and MiniQare the core MWD sensors in this portfolio.

ACCELEREX Accelerometers for Navigation

Honeywell's ACCELEREX resonating beam accelerometer (RBA) measures acceleration as a function of the frequency difference between two sets of vibrating quartz beams. The RBA500 is primarily used to supplement GPS navigation systems and is a good choice where frequency output, high-g, small size, low power and lightweight are necessary.

Brochures  (5)
Brochures  (5)
Accelerex® RBA500 Accelerometer
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Q-Flex® QA-650 Accelerometer
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Q-Flex® QA-750 Accelerometer
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Q-Flex® QA-2000 Accelerometer
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Q-Flex® QA-3000 Accelerometer
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