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LED Searchlight

Honeywell Aerospace is a worldwide leader in the design, supply and support of exterior aircraft lighting systems. We have the experience and capability to design and deliver exterior LED lighting that meets real-world requirements through moisture protection, thermal management, power quality, optical design and control. Honeywell’s family of LED searchlights offers solutions for military and commercial helicopters worldwide.

A Standard In Aircraft Lighting You Can Trust

All Honeywell LED products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet advertised performance. Based on proven experience meeting performance, quality, reliability and on-time delivery commitments, Honeywell optimizes our LED applications in the areas of optical design and control, power management, thermal management, and environmental protection.

Product Benefits

  • Improved pilot visibility at reduced lifecycle cost:
  • Photometric Life of 25,000 Hrs. – 80x over Halogen
  • Increased IR performance: 10x standard dual mode
  • Reduced power: 400W to 60W Visible 200W to 40W IR
  • LED output and color improves pilot visual acuity:
    • 175,000 cd Visible / 100 NRI IR
    • Dimmable
    • 11° x 11° beam width
    • Uniform light pattern in visible and infrared
  • Weight neutral or decrease (variant dependent)
  • Proven mechanical actuators


Product family part numbers and platforms

LED Full Assembly P/N LED Retrofit Kit P/N Product Description Corresponding Legacy Version Platform(s)
45-0202-201 MK45-0202-001A Single Mode Visible 45-0202-1 H-60
45-0241-201 MK45-0241-001A Single Mode Infrared 45-0241-1 H-47, H-60
45-0241-205 N/A Single Mode Infrared 45-0241-5 H-60
45-0241-207 N/A Single Mode Infrared 45-0241-7 H-60
45-0241-211 MK45-0202-001A Single Mode Infrared 45-0241-11 H-60
45-0253-213 MK45-0253-016A Dual Mode 45-0253-13 A129, Bk-117, BO-115, EC-135, H-1, H-53
45-0253-219 MK45-0253-016B Dual Mode 45-0253-19 A129, Bk-117, BO-115, EC-135, H-1, H-53
45-0253-223 MK45-0253-016C Dual Mode 45-0253-23 A129, Bk-117, BO-115, EC-135, H-1, H-53
45-0253-227 MK45-0253-016D Dual Mode 45-0253-27 A129, Bk-117, BO-115, EC-135, H-1, H-53
45-0253-235 N/A Dual Mode 45-0253-35 MK-41
45-0339-205 MK45-0339-002A Single Mode Visible 45-0339-5 A109, H-3
45-0339-207 MK45-0339-002B Single Mode Visible 45-0241-7 A109, H-3
45-0339-209 MK45-0339-002C Single Mode Visible 45-0339-9 A109, H-3
45-0339-211 MK45-0339-002D Single Mode Visible 45-0339-11 A109, H-3
45-0339-213 MK45-0339-002E Single Mode Visible 45-0339-13 A109, H-3
45-0339-215 MK45-0339-002F Single Mode Visible 45-0339-15 A109, H-3
45-0339-301 MK45-0339-002G Single Mode Visible 45-0339-101 A109, H-3
45-0339-304 MK45-0339-002H Single Mode Visible 45-0339-104 A109, H-3
45-0339-305 MK45-0339-002J Single Mode Visible 45-0339-105 A109, H-3
45-0353-201 MK45-0353-002A Dual Mode 45-0353-1 B206, BK-117, BO-115, EC-135, H-1, H-3, H-47, H-53, H-60
45-0353-203 MK45-0353-002B Dual Mode 45-0353-3 B206, BK-117, BO-115, EC-135, H-1, H-3, H-47, H-53, H-60
45-0434-4-2 MK45-0434-001A Dual Mode, Dimmable USL 45-0434-2-2 H-47, H-60
45-0434-5-2 MK45-0434-001B Dual Mode, Non-Dimmable USL 45-0434-3-2 H-47, H-60
45-0441-5-2 MK45-0441-001A Dual Mode, Non-Dimmable USL 45-0441-2-2 H-60
45-0441-6-2 MK45-0441-001B Dual Mode, Non-Dimmable USL 45-0441-3-2 H-92
45-0441-7-2 MK45-0441-001C Dual Mode, Non-Dimmable USL 45-0441-4-2 MH-60S, MH-60R
72450448-4-2 MK72450448-001A Dual Mode, Dimmable USL 72450448-3-2 CH-53K

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Available Downloads  (1)
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