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Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Larry Iseman

Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Larry Iseman

What do you do day-to-day?

I started working for Honeywell in March 2019. My day-to-day responsibilities easily vary depending on what arises. I like to start my day by taking phone calls from customers. Honeywell has an Aerospace Technical Support line, where customers will call and speak with our support team about their aircraft. For each customer, I document all the important information from our meeting and enter the case into our system.

I’ll research a customers’ issue as if it’s my aircraft or engine, ultimately providing customers with high-quality support. This could mean downloading from their ECUs, researching aircraft manuals, past articles, etc. The objective is to answer the customer's questions in a quick and efficient manner. I always like to follow up with my customers at the end of the day to make sure their needs have been met.

On a quarterly basis, we have what Honeywell coins as “Tech Connects”, where we visit our customers on-site. Referring back to my list, I like to prioritize customers who have the most inquiries or customers who use Honeywell resources frequently. Most of the time, I’ll visit Arizona or Nevada.

When on-site, my goal is to be present for the customer, in addition to building strong relationships. It’s nice being able to travel and getting to know our customer's teams - while also being able to familiarize yourself with their hangar. I found that providing demonstrations is very helpful for our customers. Familiarizing customers with our newly revamped website has helped make their lives much easier when ordering parts or scheduling a repair. Our customers are always appreciative of having us on-site.

Tell me about a memorable time you helped a customer.

I flew to Las Vegas to support a long-time Honeywell client who owns several casinos and 2-3 business jets. Honeywell invited the head mechanic to attend an in-depth discussion on our relationship with the customer. It was an incredible experience once we had the opportunity to explain our support model and how it’s a vast network that I can leverage with the expertise of my colleagues.

Another memorable moment was when a customer called our Aerospace Technical Support line about a bad clamp from an APU duct. At the time, I was working at the Sky Harbor facility where the engines were built on-site. The customer desperately needed the part by the next morning. I was able to locate the part and immediately went to shipping and told them this part needed to be in the hands of our customer by tomorrow morning. They successfully completed the request and our customer was elated that Honeywell was able to provide the right solution within 24 hours.

What led you to be a Field Support Engineer for Honeywell?

My background says it all - I attended the Air Force right out of high school for 8 years. During that time, I earned my A&P license, then took a job at Horizon Air. During my time at Horizon, I learned a lot about aircraft maintenance. In 1996, I transitioned to AlliedSignal where I got into building TPE engines. After the buyout, I went back to school and took a position in Honeywell Technical Operations in 2007. My education didn’t stop there as I continued my training with Max Butler at Flight Safety International.

What is your best advice for a customer who needs customer support?

Take advantage of the tools and apps Honeywell has created for customers like Direct Access or Pilot Gateway, the new website and our extensive library of Technical Knowledge Articles. These resources contain in-depth information that could help make life easier for our customers. 

Kyle Krone
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
Kyle Krone is the Senior Marketing Specialist for Customer & Product Support within Honeywell Aerospace. Kyle joined Honeywell in June 2019 and focuses on how to improve the experience for and reputation with customers


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