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Cybersecurity is NOT Optional at Honeywell

Cybersecurity is NOT Optional at Honeywell

Don’t think about cybersecurity as something extra or an aftermarket option. You can buy cybersecurity products and services, of course. But cybersecurity is really a specialized skill, a process and a suite of technologies to better protect your internet-connected aircraft systems from potential threats like cyberattacks.

At Honeywell, cybersecurity protection is a priority with all our products, software and services. Cybersecurity is deeply rooted in our DNA and has been since the beginning of the digital age.

We work hard to ensure our offerings adhere to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework. We know the cybersecurity business so well that customers in many industries – including business aviation – engage us to consult on cybersecurity issues and audit their current levels of readiness.

Today’s business jet cabin is a fully connected office in the sky. Operators and passengers want the connected devices they use, the data they send and receive, and the files they access onboard to be as secure as they are on the ground. They can relax and work more confidently with our unique Honeywell Forge cabin connectivity, flight planning and optimization, and databased platform.  

Clearly, passengers benefit from Honeywell’s cybersecurity expertise. So, do pilots, who can use their onboard systems with more confidence, because Honeywell is helping to protect and monitor their avionics, routers and other onboard systems.

For example, the latest version of our Honeywell Forge Routing software provides an intrusion detection solution that helps spot and quarantine cyber-intruders and malware before data is routed to the ground. In addition, the GoDirect Router is able to monitor traffic to further enhance cybersecurity.

Some service providers paint worst-case pictures of information security threats and try to instill fear in operators’ minds. At Honeywell, we recognize the seriousness of such threats and our team of cybersecurity experts takes precaution to help assess, detect and mitigate risk.

To that end, security measures have been built into our network, helping protect users’ data as it moves seamlessly between the aircraft, satellite, ground station and point of presence (POP).

Honeywell’s aircraft network solution features three points of presence, strategically located in North America, Europe and Australia. Using multiple POP sites helps Honeywell provide business jet operators with cybersecurity protection and monitoring, anywhere they fly. Honeywell Forge offers three fully functioning points of presence, multiple firewalls and other measures to improve information security, reduce latency and provide cybersecurity protection at a level comparable to ground-based connections.

Honeywell also has developed the a highly effective intrusion detection solution, which helps detect and alert operators of attempts to infiltrate the network in real time and displays the aircraft’s protection status on the Honeywell Forge cabin connectivity portal.

Contact your Honeywell representative to learn more about our cybersecurity capabilities or to arrange for one of our experts to help you evaluate your cybersecurity needs.

John Rains
Honeywell Forge Product Owner


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