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The show must go on

The show must go on

The Covid-19 virus has grown to be a global pandemic in a matter of months, becoming an integral part of our existence. Its rapid global evolution has brought severe impact to all countries and slowed down the world economy, shaping how we interact with one another, shop, work, travel and do business.

In these unique circumstances, organizing a global trade event, ensuring the safety of all participants while promoting the recovery of the world economy, was a big challenge. And the fact that this year's edition of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) happened offline made it a special event for the business world and us at Honeywell Aerospace, too.

Our participation was a "One Honeywell" initiative lead by China Corporate Customer Marketing, but that did not stop the Aerospace team to be proactive and make suggestions from the early planning stage. Our involvement ranged from booth design suggestions, vendor pitching, booth building, exhibit logistics, working staff, leadership to online and on-site support.

Helping everyone get back in the air safely

Honeywell's third consecutive participation at CIIE this year was an important opportunity to showcase our key aerospace innovations, including the Ultraviolet Treatment System and the JetWave Satellite Communications Hardware.

Xu Fang, Sr. Product Management Specialist, notes that: "customers have been very interested in our UV Treatment System and connectivity solutions. I received a couple of professional questions from booth visitors regarding detailed technical data. Some of those visitors also shared with us their experiences and pain points, which were very insightful."

At the Honeywell Exhibit, we created an aircraft cabin mock-up to provide customers a real feeling of how our advanced technology and solutions could help them improve operational efficiency, increase passenger confidence, and advance overall competitiveness in the global aviation market. We were excited to meet our customers face to face, listen to their needs, and show our support in doing continuous research and developing the products they need, one of those being the UV Cabin System.

"It was a great experience showcasing the UV Treatment System at CIIE. This efficient and cost-effective system can cover an entire mid-sized airline cabin in less than 10 minutes with a cost as little as 2-3 US dollars. This demo unit is our version-I product, and version-II will be launched soon with a smaller size and lighter weight. Look forward to it!" said Tong Rui, Lead System Engineer.

The aviation industry takes flight again

At this 6-day event held in Shanghai, we also reached collaboration agreements with multiple airlines and OEM partners in China on Honeywell APUs and spare purchases. Our experts held lectures on important current industry subjects, which was an excellent opportunity to help the general public learn about our capabilities in the aerospace industry and show our successful projects with Chinese customers.

Lu Jin, Offering Management Lead, was one of our specialists on-site and recollected about what took place: "CIIE is different from other airshows we attended previously and because the event attracts attendees from many different industries, we've seen very diverse interest at the Honeywell booth. I did a mini-lecture on engines and APUs, and my audience was mostly the general public with little aviation industrial knowledge."

Elsa Gu, Sr. Customer Marketing Specialist, who was at the heart of everything that happened at the Honeywell booth, captures what happened there throughout the entire event: "Our cabin was very eye-catching at CIIE and popular among media friends, too! 'Welcome abroad' has been the new buzz word at the Honeywell booth, and visitors and customers at CIIE spoke highly of the cabin experience that we created for them. I'm proud to be a 'crew member' and tell Honeywell's story to the visitors at CIIE!"

All in all, our participation at CIIE this year was a fulfilling experience. I genuinely believe that things will get back to how they were ten months ago and that participating at in-person events and shows will soon become the norm once again.

Angela Yang
Senior Customer Marketing Specialist


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