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HG1700 Inertial Measurement Unit

High-performance tactical-grade inertial measurement unit designed to meet the needs of a wide range of guidance, control and pointing applications.

The HG1700 is a high performance tactical-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU) designed to meet the needs of a broad range of guidance and control applications. The HG1700 has been successfully deployed on a wide range of weaponry, UAVs, stabilized platforms and commercial applications. Honeywell has manufactured and delivered over 350,000 HG1700 IMUs worldwide – more than 10 times the number of its closest competitor and has unsurpassed tactical grade IMU performance and reliability.

The HG1700’s three ring laser gyroscopes (RLG), three quartz resonating beam accelerometers (RBA) and associated electronics are all environmentally sealed in rugged aluminum housing. The sensors in the HG1700 IMU have excellent stability characteristics – the bias stability term is negligible in thermally stable environments – and as such bias performance is specified as the combination of both stability and repeatability. The HG1700 also employs an external environmental ring isolator to filter unwanted sensor inputs commonly encountered in real world applications.

The HG1700 consumes less power than competing fiber optic gyro-based systems and simplifies system integration by offering many configurable features – such as data rate output and flight control filtering. External heat sinks and cooling are not required by HG1700, facilitating greater flexibility in systems design and integration.

The HG1700 is now offered in two variants, five performance grades, and thirty different off the shelf configurations, more than any other IMU in its class. The HG1700SG is the latest fully qualified variant and has the same best in class capabilities as the HG1700AG but in a smaller package. The HG1700SG is shorter and lighter than the HG1700AG.


  • All inertial sensors utilized in our tactical IMUs are designed, developed and manufactured by Honeywell
  • Industry standard RS-422 serial interface
  • Over a decade of proven performance in a wide range of military and commercial applications: - Weaponry - Ground survey - UAVs - Mobile mapping - Stabilized platforms
  • Units feature a wide range of factory configurable interface protocols including Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC), Asynchronous serial, and Gated clock
  • Radiation hardened variants are available

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Available Downloads  (1)
HG1700 Inertial Measurement Unit
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