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HSD-400 Voice and High-speed Data Transceiver

HSD-400 Voice and High-Speed Data Transceiver

Take your inflight office to the next level with Honeywell's HSD-400 Voice and High-Speed Data Transceiver.

The HSD-400 High-speed Data Transceiver offers four channels of Swift64 Service or two channels of SwiftBroadband service over the Inmarsat I-4 satellite network as part of a complete satellite communications system.

Key Benefits:

Designed for larger, long-range aircraft, the 8 modular concept unit transceiver is compatible with a variety of antennae and offers up to 432 kbps per channel of service.

A removable SIM card reader enables quick activation, and configuration. Adding a CNX -200 Network Accelerator to the system offers further enhanced performance. HSD-400 transceivers also offer automatic switch-over to Swift 64 with a high-gain antenna, providing continuous connectivity when out of SwiftBroadband coverage areas.

  • Broadband connectivity for true inflight office connectivity
  • Four channels of Swift 64 or 2 channels of SwiftBroadband for simultaneous voice and internet
  • Known for reliability with more than 800 systems operating in the field

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