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Sky Connect Tracker Systems

Sky Connect Tracker Systems

The Sky Connect Tracker system, heart of the helicopter mission management system, meets the requirements of automated flight following (AFF) for aircraft.

The Heart of the Mission

Sky Connect Tracker III is the heart of the helicopter operator´s mission management system. It is one of the most reliable, most deployed systems that meets Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) compliance for FAA rule 135.607 for Helicopter Air Ambulance operators. Easily installed on any helicopter platform, Tracker III is ideal for current Sky Connect Tracker customers (uses existing mounting tray), those using other systems, or anyone seeking a mission awareness management system. Tracker III is the new technology core of the proven and trusted Sky Connect family, ensuring excellence in reliability, service and support. The Sky Connect system also boasts a built-in path for future upgrades.

The Tracker III Flight Data Monitoring function provides a means of collecting data from on-board systems through various interfaces to record and communicate aircraft performance and potential maintenance needs. User-configurable alerts can be generated based on threshold exceedance. Alert messages are communicated to the ground operations center using the Iridium satellite network.

Small and Powerful

Compact systems have always been a key benefit of Sky Connect Tracker products. New technology has made it possible to increase Tracker III's communications capabilities while also integrating the previously separate ARINC 429 converter unit. In fact, the new line replaceable unit (LRU) will fit existing installation trays, simplifying upgrades to Tracker III for existing Sky Connect customers.

Sky Connect Tracker III is an enhancement of its robust predecessor, providing significantly more capability within virtually the same form factor:

  • Dual channels enable simultaneous tracking and voice capabilities
  • An internal non-battery power backup will transmit final position reports after the pilot powers down the aircraft or if any incident interrupts aircraft power
  • The new LRU fits the existing tray and wiring with minimal or no changes.
  • A multipurpose display mounted in the LRU replaces LED status lights, enabling simplified configuration, status monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The system fully meets the requirements for operators flying under contract to US, Canadian, and other agencies engaged in aerial firefighting and other missions requiring autonomous tracking. Sky Connect Tracker provides position data to authorized government agencies, and can be upgraded to support additional fleet specific tracking services, including two-way text messaging and telephony capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Tracking – worldwide full-time tracking of aircraft status (parked, taxiing, in-flight, overdue); GPS location, track, speed; planned flight route; estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Text – worldwide two-way text messaging
  • Voice – worldwide voice telephone service
  • Dual voice and dual mode –two independent channels means you don't have to choose between tracking or making calls—with Sky Connect Tracker III you can do both at the same time.
  • Digital mapping – Robust mapping package included with system
  • Additional Supplemental Type Certificates for A109, AS332, BK117, EC145 and S92 are currently in development.

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Sky Connect Tracking System
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Sky Connect Tracker III
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