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How DU-875 Display Technology Prevents Disruption of Operations Due to CRT Failure

How DU-875 Display Technology Prevents Disruption of Operations Due to CRT Failure

The aviation industry is moving away from large, energy draining cathode ray tubes (CRT) to modern, lightweight and more reliable liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. Over the years, as the industry has advanced into the business it is today, LCD retrofitting continues to hold a high demand in today’s market.

The Honeywell DU-875/855 displays are LCD that replace old CRT displays for Primus 1000/ 2000 / 2000XP, SPZ-8400 / 8500 and selected SPZ-8000 series avionics systems. CRTs are being upgraded due to their obsolescence and maintenance costs.

With the DU-875 display, upgrading is easy because they are designed to be a “plug and play”. The DU-875 have a longer life expectancy compared to CRTs. Operators can experience many benefits from upgrading to the DU-875, such as seeing lower operational costs, high resolution images for pilots, one-day installations minimizing downtime, and option to upgrade displays one at a time or all at once.

Honeywell provides operators with multiple upgrade paths and solutions to choose from including: DU-875 One-for-One Replacement, Primus Elite Enhanced Features, and Primus Elite Advanced Features, as well as upgrade options for Gulfstream GIV, GIV-SP, and GV (SPZ-8000) operators.

The One-for-One-Replacement upgrade provides operators with the option to replace one or several display panels, all depending on your requirements and budget. If you are looking for cursor control interface, advanced data loading with wireless options, optional XM graphical weather overlays and improved situational awareness, you’ll want to upgrade to our Primus Elite Enhanced Features package. This requires an entire replacement of CRTs to LCDs. In addition, we also offer Primus Elite Advanced Features which increase crew situational awareness with the integration of synthetic vision. Years ago, pilots were given wire-frame renditions of images such as highways and buildings. Today, pilots can invest in displays that offer 3D color images of runways, terrain and obstacles, giving pilots a clear view of the virtual flight path ahead. Synthetic vision gives pilots an accurate idea of their surroundings which increases their safety during flights.

When it comes to safety, using the highest standard of technology is of the utmost importance. When flying, you want to have a reliable display that won’t fail or cause glare when in high altitude conditions. The DU-875 is covered with a flexible surface that is substantially less prone to specular glare compared to a glass covered CRT screen. To learn more about how you can upgrade to our DU-875 display panel, click here. If you would like to take advantage of the promotional price offering in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, click here.

Robert Wolfersteig
Customer Marketing Manager
Robert Wolfersteig is a Customer Marketing Manager at Honeywell Aerospace.


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