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LTS101 Turboshaft Engine

LTS101 Turboshaft Engine

The LTS101 engine provides power for the Bell 222, the Airbus BK117 and AS350, and the Avicopter AC311.


Challenging terrain and inclement weather won’t stop your fleet operations. That’s why operators count on Honeywell’s LTS101 turboshaft engine. The LTS101 offers the “hot and high” performance that helicopters need to lift heavier loads and to get the job done in fewer trips — helping you drive down operating costs.

LTS101 benefits include:

  • Potential 18% increase in helicopter value
  • 22% increase in OEI power meeting EASA standards
  • Increased shaft horsepower

Honeywell’s LTS101 turboshaft engine is one of the most successful helicopter engines ever built. Since being certified in 1975, over 2,100 engines have been delivered to customers worldwide, logging over 11 million flight hours and powering airframes that include the Bell 222, Airbus/Kawasaki BK117, Airbus AS350 and the Avicopter AC311.

Today, Honeywell works closely with our trusted partners Airwork on the BK117-850D2; and Soloy and Heli-Lynx to offer retrofit programs for the LTS101 600A and 700D2 conversions. Our MRO partners – including Intermountain Turbine Service and Motorflug – provide global maintenance and repair capabilities, offer an affordable engine exchange program and provide a source for customers to obtain refurbished engines.

Connect with Honeywell or our trusted partners to find out why the LTS101 is the perfect choice to help you increase your fleet’s performance, reliability and operating efficiency.

Turboshaft Comparison

Model Engine Type Market Length
Takeoff Power
(Sea Level, SHP)
Output Shaft Speed
LTS101-700D-2 Turboshaft Commercial Helicopter 31.6/80.2 24.8/63 732 37000
Turboshaft Commercial Helicopter 31.1/78.9 25.4/64.4 780 36281
Turboshaft Commercial Helicopter 36.3/92.2 25.5/64.7 820 6317
T53 Turboshaft Commercial and Military Helicopters 47.6/120.9 24.5/62.2 1500 6461
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 48.1/122.2 28.7/72.9 1361 6402
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 34.0/86.4 28.7/72.9 1373 23000
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 47.1/119.6 24.3/61.6 4777 15066
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 47.1/119.6 24.3/61.6 4777 15066
AGT1500 Turboshaft Battle Tank  66.5/168.9 31.8/80.8 1500 3000

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LTS101-850B-2 ENGINE
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