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Honeywell 1-Megawatt (MW) Turbogenerator

Honeywell 1-Megawatt (MW) Turbogenerator

Honeywell’s newest turbogenerator will power aircraft of the future, run on biofuel

Meet Honeywell’s 1-Megawatt (MW) Turbogenerator, a new power source for hybrid-electric aircraft that will usher in an era of clean, inexpensive air travel.

This turbogenerator combines Honeywell’s industry-leading 1 MW generator with the power core of the HGT1700 auxiliary power unit, currently flown on every Airbus A350 XWB today. 

What is It?

Power source for hybrid-electric aircraft, including traditional airframes, unmanned aircraft and urban air mobility vehicles. 

Benefits and Value  

  • High efficiency
  • Able to run on traditional jet fuel or aviation biofuel
  • Safe, lightweight package
  • Provides electric power for multiple electric motors located anywhere on an aircraft
  • 2.5 times more powerful than our 400KW Honeywell Turbogenerator 

The new turbogenerator is ideal for operating high-power electric motors or charging batteries and can satisfy missions from heavy-lift cargo drones, air taxis, or commuter aircraft.

Traditionally, aircraft use fuel-burning engines to mechanically turn rotors, propellers or fans. Many new designs, however, utilize a distributed electric propulsion architecture, in which many electric motors can be tilted or turned off for vertical takeoff and horizontal flight. A Honeywell turbogenerator can provide electric power for multiple electric motors located anywhere on an aircraft.

The new 1 MW Turbogenerator integrates smoothly with Honeywell’s full line of avionics, propulsion and operational systems— all tailored for piloted or autonomous aircraft. Honeywell also offers aerospace integration and certification expertise for enabling the commercialization of these vehicles.