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Aspire 300 and Aspire 350 Satellite Communications Systems

Aspire 300 And Aspire 350 Satellite Communications Systems

The Aspire suite of satellite communication offerings provides in-flight connectivity for business aviation, airlines and helicopters - anywhere in the world.

The Aspire suite of satellite communication offerings provides in-flight connectivity for business aviation, airlines and helicopters - anywhere in the world. Leveraging the Iridium satellite constellation, Aspire 300 and Aspire 350 bring greater reliability, cost savings and efficiency from pole-to-pole.

Aspire 300: ICAO Approved Cockpit Connectivity 

Honeywell's Aspire 300 Satellite Communications System is a fully qualified Iridium satellite communications system that delivers International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) approved cockpit voice and safety services to improve overall safety of operations.

The Aspire 300 system meets the requirements for SATCOM safety services voice operation and can be used in lieu of HF radio, thereby delivering significant savings in terms of size, weight, and power while dramatically enhancing the aircraft's overall safety of operation.

The system includes a low-profile Iridium antenna providing continuous coverage from 1610 MHz to 1626.5 MHz that is qualified for both high speed military or commercial aircraft. Also included are a satellite data unit (SDU) and the SDU configuration model (SCM).

Aspire 300 provides one data channel and up to two voice channels for cockpit

  • Full FANS Over Iridium (FOI) network
  • Affordable, faster and more reliable high-speed aircraft connectivity with global coverage extending to the polar regions.
  • Smaller, lightweight footprint reduces overall weight of aircraft, ultimately decreasing fuel costs.

An Aspire 300 solution installed today can easily be upgraded to the new Honeywell Aspire 350.

Honeywell is a leader in providing connectivity hardware and services to the aerospace industry. With more than 100 years of innovation, Honeywell has a footprint on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft that enable more fuel-efficient, connected and safe operations. Aspire 300 and 350 exemplify how Honeywell Aerospace Technologies delivers the latest functionalities and technologies in today's connected world. ​

Honeywell’s Aspire suite of satellite communication systems provides global cockpit safety services and inflight connectivity for business aircraft, airliners and helicopters anywhere in the world.

Aspire 350 Provides Safety, Voice and Data Communications in One Unit

Honeywell’s next generation Aspire 350 is the perfect satellite communications system for both the cockpit and cabin. Pilots can stay connected anywhere they fly with voice and data capabilities, including secure cockpit safety services. Secure safety services are partitioned off, so passengers can also use the Aspire 350 satcom to make calls, text, send and receive emails, and surf the internet anywhere on the planet.

Aspire 350 uses the upgraded Iridium NEXT satellite network to access all the features of the Iridium Certus services. By using Iridium Certus services, operators can reduce costs by up to 30% compared with legacy satellite communications services.

Aspire 350 also supports global Future Air Navigation System (FANS) datalink that enables pilots to take advantage of preferred routing worldwide.

Big Performance in a Compact Package

The Aspire 350 delivers global connected aircraft capabilities with the kind of speed and bandwidth flight crews need and passengers have come to expect from modern satcom systems. Its unique design lets a single hybrid unit do double duty, meeting the needs of both the cockpit and cabin, with a smaller, lighter footprint. The system performs better, is more reliable and costs less than older legacy systems.

Aspire 350 consists of a satellite data unit, satcom configuration module, compact high gain antenna and a small low gain antenna for safety services. The Aspire 350 is easy to install in any aircraft and upgrades from the current Aspire 300 are fast and simple. Aspire 350 gives operators the performance to meet today’s connectivity needs and the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s requirements with upgrades that are fast, simple and don’t require hardware replacement.


Aspire 350 Features:

  • Secure access to cockpit safety services including FANS and the aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS)
  • Secure air traffic control voice capability
  • Global coverage, including polar regions
  • Small, lightweight footprint
  • Capable of supporting a second satcom system for higher reliability
  • Passenger connectivity for voice and data
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Aspire 350 Satellite Communications System
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