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HG2802 Fiber Optic Gyro Inertial Measurement Unit

HG2802 Fiber Optic Gyro Inertial Measurement Unit

Lowest-power, high-performance, small, low-noise IMUs in the market

The HG2802 is a higher operating range option within the HG2800 family of high-performance tactical grade IMUs that includes Honeywell’s next-generation micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers in addition to closed-loop fiber optic gyros (FOGs), providing improved dynamic range and scale factor linearity performance. These IMUs are developed to affordably meet the needs of a broad range of guidance and control applications. 

Its small-size, light-weight, high-bandwidth, low-noise, zero-maintenance configuration makes the HG2800 IMUs ideal for electro-optical (EO)/FLIR stabilization, camera/radar stabilization, pointing and positioning, mapping/inspection, autonomous underwater (AUV) and UAV navigation, odometer/DVL, and silent operation for acoustic-sensitive systems.

The HG2800 flexible power supply design simplifies system integration for a single +5V supply voltage or dual +15V, +5V supplies, while consuming less power than competing fiber optic gyro-based IMUs in the market.

As our first-ever Tactical FOG IMU, the HG2800 series fills an important void for commercial and government entities needing precision imaging, platform stabilization and low noise acoustically-sensitive navigation and stabilization solutions. The HG2800 is a dual-use non-ITAR restricted IMU designed specifically to meet both commercial/industrial and military needs. 

When ordering engineering demo units direct from Honeywell, use part numbers 68902801-001

2 When ordering engineering demo units direct from Honeywell, use part numbers 68902802-002

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HG2802 Fiber Optic Gyro IMU
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