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Lady sleeping in an airplane
Lady sleeping in an airplane

Air & Thermal Systems

Honeywell's range of electronic and electro-pneumatic systems for air and thermal management are proven to optimize air temperatures for aircrafts of all shapes and sizes, gradually helping to lower the total cost of ownership. These lightweight systems monitor and control cabin temperature and air flow in the cockpit, passenger and cargo areas while providing cooling for avionics. They also manage the aircraft engine’s bleed air and pneumatic de-icing systems. 

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Why Honeywell Air & Thermal Systems?


Honeywell’s ATS* life support systems supply oxygen enriched breathing gas to the aircrew and passengers.


Our ATS* provide superior performance at all altitudes and under all operating conditions while reducing service costs.


Honeywell’s latest Air Separation Module Kit is guaranteed to operate for 7-years without replacement.

Predictive Insights

Honeywell’s ECS Performance Check provides critical airflow and performance data remotely.


Honeywell’s ATS* decrease unscheduled maintenance repairs and help keep flights on schedule.

Mission Readiness

Honeywell ATS* utilize battle proven technology with military qualifications to ensure mission readiness.

*Air & Thermal Systems

Supported Platforms

Airlines & Cargo

Business Aviation



UAVs & Urban Air Mobility

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