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Honeywell Compact Inertial Navigation System

The size of a deck of cards, the Honeywell Compact Inertial Navigation System uses tactical-grade inertial sensors to provide centimeter-level accuracy to commercial and military customers.

The Compact Inertial Navigation System outputs position, orientation and velocity data.

What is a Compact Inertial Navigation System?

Honeywell’s Compact Inertial Navigation System is designed to cater to customers who need a highly-accurate navigation system in a small package with low weight and power requirements.

Our Compact Inertial Navigation System contains a 4G modem to receive RTK corrections which greatly improves the accuracy of the system while protecting the navigation accuracy of those who rely on it to navigate safely in GNSS-denied environments.

The Compact Inertial Navigation System has been engineered to work with other Honeywell navigation aids and third-party alternative navigation systems without significant upgrades and can be used as a standalone system or as a combined system with solutions such as our radar velocity system and/or anti-jamming systems such as GPSdome.

Compact Inertial Navigation System applications

Our Compact Inertial Navigation Systems are designed for customers who operate in the air, on the ground and at sea. It can be used in a variety of applications such as UAS, commercial and military surface vehicles and personal navigation system for dismounted applications. The compact inertial navigation system is ideal for customers ranging from UAVs to niche commercial vehicles that operate in GNSS-denied environments and experience intermittent or continuous GNSS outages.

Some applications where Compact Inertial Navigation System can be used:

  • Military surface vehicles
  • Niche commercial Land vehicles including autonomous vehicles
  • Personal Navigation
  • UAV – Military and Civil

Honeywell Compact Inertial Navigation System for UAVs (HCINS-U)

Our Compact Inertial Navigation System for UAVs (HCINS-U) offers tight integration with Pixhawk autopilot and is a plug-and-play solution to rotary and fixed-wing UAVs. It can receive RTK corrections through the in-built LTE modem and features a navigation health monitor to switch between various navigation sources (GNSS, INS, other alternative navigation sensors).

Honeywell Compact Inertial Navigation System for Personal Navigation (HCINS-P)

This version features additional ruggedization to operate in challenging environments. This is especially useful in military applications. For higher accuracy requirements, we also provide a high-performance variant of personal navigation. Additionally, this can also be integrated with a GPSdome, the anti-jamming system from our partner, InfiniDome.

Honeywell Compact Inertial Navigation System for Land (HCINS-CV & HCINS-M)

This version of our Compact Inertial Navigation System for land can be used in military vehicles and niche commercial vehicles for operations in GNSS-degraded environments. It is recommended to use our compact inertial navigation along with HRVS and GPSdome to be able to take full advantage of the superior performance of Honeywell’s inertial navigation system.

Resilient Navigation Packages to Avoid GNSS Outages

Honeywell’s philosophy of resilient navigation revolves around three layers of resiliency achieved by a combination of GNSS anti-jamming, inertial navigation and alternative navigation systems.

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Available Downloads  (1)
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