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Micro Vapor Cycle System

Lightweight Cooling for Urban Air Mobility

Honeywell’s Micro Vapor Cycle System (VCS) is the ideal cooling solution for urban air mobility aircraft and military & civil helicopters where reduced size and weight are priorities. The system uses advanced technology such as a high-speed centrifugal compressor, next generation refrigerant and power electronics with Silicon Carbide switches, to generate cold air or liquid that can be used to cool heat-generating electronic components, batteries, and the cockpits and cabins of UAM vehicles and helicopters. 

Honeywell already is working with several UAM market innovators to apply the Micro VCS technology in their air mobility platforms.

Our innovative Micro VCS is up to 35 percent lighter and 20 percent more efficient than conventional vapor cycle systems with comparable cooling capacity. The system is highly reliable and virtually maintenance free, thanks to its unique oil-free technology and small number of moving parts, resulting in low total cost of ownership. The Honeywell VCS design experience is based on mature, fielded units that have performed reliably in demanding environments such as the Airbus 350, Boeing 707, F-22 and E2-C/D. 

Honeywell has extensive experience in VCS technology for aerospace applications and is an innovative and well-proven provider of high-speed centrifugal compressors, the critical component of the system. For more information please contact us. 

Keep Cool in Hot Weather

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for year-round great weather, but when temperatures increase during the summer months, the heat can be unpleasant, and at times dangerous. The tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport averages 140°F in the summer heat.


Tampa summer days at the Tampa airport are long, hot, and wet, with asphalt temperatures often reaching above 100°F. Tampa is also one of the most humid cities in America, with average annual humidity levels at 74%.


Dubai has hot, tropical desert climate. On a typical summer day, temperatures constantly sit around 122°F, and sometimes swell to over 140°F, according to recent reports.

How hot can the aircraft cabin get in Tampa, Florida?

  Honeywell Micro VCS Company A Company B Company C
Cooling capacity: 20 Kw @ 50/160deg F
Existing aircraft applications
HVDC Architecture 270-900VDC 115 VAC or 28 VDC 115 VAC or 28 VDC
Oil-less compressor using Air Bearings Heavy / Oil-based compressors Heavy / Oil-based compressors Heavy / Oil-based compressors
*Environment friendly Low GWP Solstice ZD r134a r134a r134a
Silicon carbide-based controllers IGBTs IGBTs IGBTs

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