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DIRECTED ENERGY Solutions For Commercial Applications

Lasers and other directed-energy technologies are transforming multiple industries. We’re leading the way with cooling, power, pointing and stabilization systems that enable a new world of applications.

Power and Precision

As a leader in generators, thermal management and motion control, Honeywell helps manufacturers of lasers, masers, lidar, radars and other directed-energy technologies reach new levels of reliability and power.

We can tailor systems for any application, thanks to our exceptional engineering and sophisticated software models. And our global support network stands ready to support you for decades to come. 

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Industrial Cutting and Welding

Customers are demanding increased precision and reliability from their laser tools.  And as companies incorporate more additive manufacturing, they want greater speed from their printers, too.

Our directed-energy solutions can help cool, power, point and stabilize industrial lasers to ensure the greatest accuracy during welding, cutting and sintering.

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Infrastructure Protection

Lasers and jammers can defend refineries, airports and other key infrastructure from intrusions by drones, boats or vehicles. But they require pinpoint accuracy and reliable cooling.

Honeywell’s pointing and stabilization systems are ideal for these applications. They counter the smallest vibrations to keep a narrow beam of energy locked on a faraway target until it is neutralized. 

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Radar Cooling

New radar technologies like gallium nitride provide unprecedented levels of sensing power. But they also generate extraordinary amounts of heat.

Honeywell’s light, compact cooling systems apply our aerospace expertise to these systems, allowing radars to operate at power settings and with greater resolution.

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Cooling Batteries and Electronics

The systems we’ve developed for cooling high-power lasers are also ideal for managing the temperatures generated by electric vehicle batteries and electronics.

Our Micro Vapor Cycle System is the choice of some of the leading innovators in electric aircraft, and is perfect for trucks, watercraft and other vehicles as well.

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Energy Research

Researchers around the world are using a new generation of lasers, ion beams, plasma guns and magnetic vessels to unlock the potential of fusion energy.

Our cooling and control systems are ideal for these projects. And with years of experience managing some of the world’s leading energy laboratories, we know how to deliver groundbreaking science on time and under budget. 

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