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Honeywell appoints VSE Aviation as Global Distributor for DU-875 Displays

Honeywell appoints VSE Aviation as Global Distributor for DU-875 Displays

Honeywell and VSE Aviation (Singapore) Pte Ltd have inked a strategic deal to become the newest global distributor for the Primus Elite DU-875 LCD Display Units. This non-exclusive agreement, effective immediately, enables VSE Aviation to hold DU-875 display units in stock, and work closely with Honeywell Authorized Avionics Dealers to further enhance the customer experience for themselves and their customers (owners/operators) by providing a simplified one-stop-shop service and improved turnaround times.

“The appointment of VSE Aviation as the go-to Distributor for DU-875 stocks allows to facilitate the order fulfillment for our authorized dealers and their respective customer-operators,” said APAC BGA Leader Amit Kaul. “With VSE Aviation’s global reach, dealers such as JetCity who have their own Supplemental Type Certificate or STC, can now purchase the DU’s and provide a simple one-stop-shop for their customers. This is how VSE Aviation fits the distribution role in the supply chain nicely.”

“VSE is excited to add this new dimension to our partnership with Honeywell which enables the DU-875 LCD replacements to be more accessible to Honeywell Authorized Dealers. Under this partnership, we continue building on our strong relationship with the Honeywell Authorized Dealers as an integral part of the supply chain fulfillment between Honeywell and their authorized dealers,” added Chief Executive Officer and President of VSE Corporation, John Cuomo.

This is not VSE Aviation’s first appointment by Honeywell as an authorized distributor. They currently distribute JetWave Satellite equipment and Laseref IV inertial reference units for the Business Aviation segment. They have also been appointed distributor for the Honeywell Airline business as well.

The DU-875 Display units with modern liquid crystal displays (LCD) are drop-in replacements for the cathode ray tubes (CRT) found in the older DU-870 models, minimizing downtime during the installation phase – an aircraft could easily be in and out of the hangar before lunch!

The newer displays bring brighter, clearer, higher resolution pictures that help reduce pilot workload and fatigue. The DU-875’s are lighter (saving nearly 8lbs per display), run cooler (creating a more comfortable cockpit), have increased reliability (2x MTBF) which contributes to a lower cost of operation and maintenance, and as the legacy display format is retained no additional pilot training is required.

Another benefit the DU-875’s have over the old DU-870’s, they future-proof the aircraft, making it possible to upgrade with the Primus Elite Enhanced Features (PEEF) and the Primus Elite Advance Features (PEAF). These features also allow more efficient operations, reduce pilot workload, are more intuitive which provides improved flight awareness and safety.  These upgrades also boost the aircraft value (documented in the Aircraft Blue Book) and saleability – both are important factors that contribute to the return on investment (ROI) of the aircraft.

For Honeywell Authorized Dealers, please click here for more information.
For operators, please click here for more information.
Shamoon Shabudin
Channel Customer Marketing Manager
Shamoon works with Honeywell Aerospace Channel Partners in the APAC region, promoting Honeywell's products and services. Prior to Honeywell, he's been in several industries that were directly or indirectly linked with aerospace technologies, including IT, semiconductors, as well as test and measurement equipment. Shamoon's career in aerospace has spanned more than 20 years, and he remains passionate.


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