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Space Integrated GPS/INS (SIGI)

Space Integrated GPS/INS (SIGI)

A mature, proven product offering triple simultaneous navigation solutions.

Honeywell’s Space Integrated GPS/INS (SIGI) is a mature and proven product with a long space heritage and over 300 units delivered.

It offers triple simultaneous navigation solutions of pure Inertial, GPS-only, and blended GPS/INS as well as angular rate output for autopilot input.

The inertial instruments include three single axis Honeywell Ring Laser Gyros that measure vehicle body attitude changes and three Honeywell QA3000 single axis accelerometers to measure changes in vehicle body velocities. 

The SIGI design has flexibility to accommodate various customer applications and is space radiation tolerant. It can be used for Range Tracking, Target Vehicles, Reusable Launch, Reentry, On-Orbit, Rendezvous and Docking, Expendables Launch and other Space Applications.

*Space Integrated GPS/INS (SIGI)

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