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Power Generation and Conversion

Power Generation and Conversion

Honeywell leads the aerospace industry in power generation and conversion technologies. We have more than 250,000 generating systems that provide advanced performance, reduced maintenance and lower costs of operation to power conversion solutions. All of these lead to efficient aircraft electrical power.

We lead the aerospace industry in power generation and conversion technologies. Our broad range of aircraft power generation solutions deliver highly reliable electric power from 5 to 200kVA in constant speed, variable frequency and direct current (DC) configurations.

The generation portfolio includes wound-field, induction, permanent magnet and switched-reluctance types to meet a variety of demanding aerospace applications.

Electric power conversion technologies convert input voltage to one or more output voltages for efficient and cost-effective aircraft electrical power usage and control. This improves power quality, which enhances system reliability and lowers operating costs.

Additionally, we provide emergency power systems to improve flight safety by automatically deploying power in an in-flight power outage or power deficiency to the main engine. Through ram air turbines, bleed air systems or propellant power systems, our emergency power provides highly reliable and efficient power.

Power generation and conversion technologies provide:

  • Solutions designed to reduce operating costs and improve reliability
  • Innovative power system technologies to increase electrical system efficiency and performance
  • Proven electric power system design development, integration, test and qualification capabilities
  • Comprehensive offering of power generation, distribution and conversion products and systems
  • Global repair service, logistics and customer support network


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