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Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Amanda Reno

Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Amanda Reno

  • The new family of flight controls currently under development is specially adapted for radical upcoming aircraft designs
  • The new family of flight controls currently under development is specially adapted for radical upcoming aircraft designs

1)  What do you do day-to-day?
Day-to-day, I support my local customers in Brazil by addressing technical issues, attending tech connect meetings and listening to my customers to help us prepare topics for the Operator Conference. In addition, I support our Honeywell Global Technical Operation network where I provide technical support to customers around the world via remote session, emails and phone. Our remote tools help me immensely as I support several technical issues in one day. This mitigates time on the phone and improves our customers experience as we want to provide quick and quality support.

2) Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer.
Since I joined the company, I have had the opportunity to meet several customers and learn on-the-job with them as well. One customer that comes to my mind is Captain Carlos Azevedo. He is a very experienced pilot and when I started providing technical support, he brought to my attention some relevant technical points that I was able to share with our engineering team. As a result, we were able to provide to him the solution and launch the Synthetic Vision system. (Link article)

3) What is your best advice for someone who needs support?
I understand that most of the time when the customer is looking for technical support it is because something is not going well with the aircraft and this can generate a huge impact in terms of business, time, health, travel, etc. The most important thing to have in mind when reaching out to Aerospace Technical Support (ATS) is that our team is here to provide the best and quick support. We have a great sense of urgency, it really helps when a customer can provide a complete report of the situation. It is helpful to share videos, pictures and report the situation that brought the issue. With a detailed report, this will mitigate our time asking questions and we will be able to provide a resolution quicker.

4) How do you onboard your customers to Honeywell?
I make them feel confident in our Global Technical Operations team and work to build trust, so they know Honeywell is there to back the customer in times of need. The most important thing is listening to the customer and understanding, this will make our relationship with the customer stronger and will improve their overall experience.

5) What are your experiences that led you to support customers for Honeywell?
I started my career in Aerospace in 2004 as a product development engineer and I worked in this role for 10 years. I had the opportunity to deal with so many different areas as production line, design, delivery, suppliers until the aircraft delivery process.

I am a kind of person that likes to work with people and support with their needs. When Honeywell opened the Field Service Engineer position in my region, I saw this as an opportunity to use my technical background and work with people by providing technical support. For me, it´s an opportunity to help people and companies while doing what I really like to do.

Kyle Krone
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
Kyle Krone is the Senior Marketing Specialist for Customer & Product Support within Honeywell Aerospace. Kyle joined Honeywell in June 2019 and focuses on how to improve the experience for and reputation with customers


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