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Honeywell Forge: This is Not Your Father’s Datalink

Honeywell Forge: This is Not Your Father’s Datalink

There was a time when flight crews and air traffic controllers communicated exclusively by voice using VHF radio. The introduction of the first ACARS – Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System – datalink in 1978, changed things forever by enabling pilots and ATC to exchange short messages, initially using a teletype machine.

Datalink technology has advanced in the last four-plus decades. Today, pilots get lots of information sent directly to their flight management systems over satellite and VHF networks. They use digital datalink channels to request and receive clearances from ATC, access the latest weather information, exchange text messages with ground operations, upload flight plans, use modern navigation technologies, and much more. All this reduces pilot, dispatcher and controller workload and improves message accuracy.

You can rely on Honeywell Forge Aircraft Datalink Services

In the age of the connected aircraft, you’ve got a lot riding on your datalink capabilities, so you can’t afford to trust just any datalink service provider. You need Honeywell Forge Aircraft Datalink Services, which is part of our signature Honeywell Forge Flight Services platform for business aviation operators.  

With more than 30 years of datalink experience under our belts, Honeywell has developed the most capable, flexible and complete datalink capabilities in business aviation. No matter what you fly, no matter how large or small your fleet, Honeywell Forge Aircraft Datalink Services has what it takes to ensure your essential datalink communications are delivered with accuracy and reliability, with a flexible plan to meet your needs.

Honeywell Forge Aircraft Datalink Services helps your aircraft use all its capability by delivering the fastest datalink speeds available and the most comprehensive worldwide coverage, without the need to change out your current data-communications hardware.

Nine things you can do with Honeywell Forge

  • Choose your favorite third-party flight planning service. Honeywell Forge Aircraft Datalink Services can convert and upload flight plans from Skyplan, Air Support, Universal Flight Planning, RocketRoute,, UAS, ForeFlight, Navtech, Jeppesen and GDFS.
  • Use the industry’s only proactive Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) monitoring tool, which helps flight departments retain the ability fly Future Air Navigation System (FANS) reduced-separated tracks in the North Atlantic, saving time and money.
  • Receive Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) instructions from ATC via text message instead of having to listen and repeat them back verbatim, which can be difficult at busy airports.
  • Aircraft capable of taking advantage of the FAA’s NextGen Departure Clearances (DCL) via datalink have the ability to receive their clearance and stay logged on to receive a second clearance via datalink when the wind changes direction and the runway changes.
  • Use the Digital-Automatic Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS) to access essential information needed when you have time versus listening to voice ATIS only when you are in range, which is usually during the descent when you are busy attending to other procedures.
  • Monitor engine use with the new Propulsion Reporting feature, which automatically records engine runtime and makes the data available for Maintenance Service Plan tracking, with scheduling and maintenance tracking coming soon.
  • Take the light approach with our Lite Link service, which is tailored to operators who fly short or infrequent missions. Lite Link provides basic datalink communication services at a reduced cost.
  • Get the support you need – anytime, anywhere – by contacting the Honeywell Forge Aircraft Datalink Services dedicated technical service team. We’re there for you by phone, email, text or ACARS message.
  • Save money! If you purchase a datalink subscription with a Jet-Connex airtime package you can receive special pricing.

Contact us today to learn more about the best datalink service flying.

To learn more please contact your Honeywell sales representative, call 1-888-634-3330 or email

Sarah Weinhardt
Senior Product Manager for Honeywell Aerospace Services & Connectivity


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