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AIRBUS BLOCK II Operational Software Upgrade

AIRBUS BLOCK II Operational Software Upgrade

Avoid unplanned ADIRU removals with proactive Gyro Health Monitoring and Reporting.

Honeywell is the undisputed leader in providing Air Data Inertial Reference Units (ADIRU) to the aviation industry. Honeywell and Airbus are pleased to announce the availability of a software update to a number of the Airbus Block II ADIRU part numbers used on the Airbus A320 Series and A330/A340 aircraft.

This update to the operational software includes the Gyro Life Monitor function that continuously monitors the three Ring Laser Gyros (RLG) on-board the Airbus Block II ADIRU for signs of impending failure, with a proactive warning through the Aircraft Central Maintenance Computer that reduces or eliminates unplanned ADIRU removals due to gyro failure. In addition, the Magnetic Variation Tables are updated to the latest available MagVar 2015 optimized to 2020. This is a shop upgrade resulting in the ADIRU PN rolling to HG2030AE25/45.


The following Airbus Block II ADIRU PNs are candidates for this valuable upgrade:

  • HG2030AD09/AD10/AD11/AD12/AD13/AD33,
  • HG2030AE20/AE21/AE23/AE24/AE43/AE44



Airbus Service Bulletins available today for installation of the AE25 and AE45 on the following Airbus types:

  • A318/A319/A320/A321
  • A330-200, A330-300
  • A340-200, A340-300
  • A340-500/600


The Block II ADIRU was replaced in A320 Series and A330 new aircraft production by the Block III in approximately 2012 and 2013 respectively. A320s delivered prior to 2012, and A330s delivered prior to 2013 are the main benefactors from this upgrade, as well as all A340s that have not been retrofitted with Block III.

Pricing for this update is dependent on the current PN of the ADIRUs being updated which dictates the number of Honeywell SBs required.

Airbus Block II Operational Software Upgrade
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