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HGuide I400 MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit

6DOF IMU / 6axis IMU

The HGuide i400 is an advanced micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) based inertial measurement unit (IMU) engineered to fulfill the demands of applications requiring exceptional performance within a compact, lightweight, and rugged form factor. Equipped with industry-standard communication interfaces and boasting a wide-input voltage range, the HGuide i400 seamlessly integrates into diverse architectures. Its remarkably small size, low weight, and low power consumption make the HGuide i400 suitable for a wide range of applications from 3D Mapping to Autonomy to AUVs.

The IMU incorporates MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers while utilizing a mechanical design to help mitigate unwanted inputs commonly encountered in real-world scenarios. Proprietary design elements enable the HGuide i400's ruggedness, meeting the requirements of even the most exacting users.

The HGuide i400 outputs Honeywell proprietary binary data (HGNSI) per other Honeywell HGuide IMUs.

Honeywell support also includes access to ROS drivers, SDK and HGuide Data Reader.

Manufactured and dispatched from a Honeywell facility, the HGuide i400 is generally accessible without export controls.


Key Honeywell Advantages

  • Sub 1°/h Gyro performance tactical grade IMU in an extremely small package.
  • World-class inertial measurement unit development, full temperature range calibration and compensation from the world’s premier high grade IMU manufacturer.
  • Units feature a range of configurable options for output data rates and baud rates.
  • Provides Roll and Pitch information in addition to standard Inertial Sensor data.
  • Proven reliability, dependability, and ruggedness, through unit life.

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Available Downloads  (1)
Brochure: HGuide i400 Inertial Measurement Unit
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