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Honeywell Radar Velocity System

The Honeywell Radar Velocity System (HRVS) is a small, lightweight and low-power radar-based navigation-aiding system.

The RVS uses millimeter wave radar (mmWave) technology (60-64GHz or 76-81 GHz) and outputs range, velocity and angle of objects.

What is a Radar Velocity System?

The Honeywell Radar Velocity System (HRVS) is a small, lightweight, low-power radar-based navigation-aiding system. It uses millimeter wave sensing technology (60-64GHz or 76-81 GHz) providing range, velocity, and angle of objects. The HRVS can provide cm level-range accuracy and is impervious to environmental conditions such as rain, fog, dust, and snow.

Our HRVS can be used either as a velocity aiding source to  inertial navigation systems or as an independent velocity sensing system in commercial and military applications. 

Radar Velocity System Applications

While the primary purpose of HRVS is to be an aiding source to inertial navigation systems, we can use HRVS also as a speed sensor or as a proximity warning system. Some of the applications where HRVS can be used are:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Military Vehicles
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

Key Honeywell Advantages

  • Based on mmW sensor (60-64 GHz)
  • Altitude <300m
  • Indefinite precise hover as error doesn’t grow with time (unlike INS)
  • Error approx. 1-2% distance travelled
  • Cm level-range accuracy
  • Impervious to environmental conditions such as rain, fog, dust, and snow

Honeywell Radar Velocity System for UAVs (HRVS-U)

This system consists of 4 HRVS-U units that provides velocity data to INS. Some of the features include altimeter measurement, depth mapping and ground avoidance sensing. Our HRVS-U is tested up to a maximum altitude of 300m and hence is an ideal solution for low-flying BVLOS operations.

Honeywell Radar Velocity System for Military Vehicles (HRVS-M)

The HRVS-M can be a good alternative to military vehicles that need to operate in GNSS-denied environments. Its low emission makes it almost undetectable even at close ranges. Emission data will be provided on request.

Honeywell Radar Velocity System for Commercial Vehicles (HRVS-CV)

In addition to its use as a navigation aid, the HRVS-CV can also be used as a speed sensor for niche commercial vehicles – especially long trailers. This system consists of one HRVS-CV unit which is fixed up to 1.5m above ground.

Resilient Navigation Packages to Avoid GNSS Outages

Honeywell’s philosophy of resilient navigation revolves around three layers of resiliency achieved by a combination of GNSS anti-jamming, inertial navigation and alternative navigation systems.

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Available Downloads  (1)
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