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UV Cabin System
UV Cabin System

Cabin Management & Cleaning

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The world of travel has transformed before our very eyes, and commercial transportation must adapt their services and processes quickly to meet shifting demands. From enhanced cleaning protocols to touchless entry points, Honeywell’s cleaning solutions significantly reduce disease-spreading bacteria and viruses. With convenient solutions to meet the needs of all types of commercial transportation modes, our cabin management and cleaning systems help maximize the health, safety and comfort of passengers.

Why Honeywell Cabin Management & Cleaning?


Honeywell’s UVC treatments protect flight crews and passengers from viruses and bacteria.


Our UV systems irradiate high intensity 254nm UVC light across entire cross-sections of passenger seating.


Honeywell's UV systems can treat a cabin or coach of thirty seating rows in under ten minutes.


Our UV systems come in two convenient formats to support both large and small transportation systems.

User Experience

Built with telescoping wings and a hand wand, our UV systems can maneuver various seating arrangements.


Our cabin-control applications help keep passengers entertained and relaxed during their trip.

Supported Platforms

Airlines & Cargo

Business Aviation



UAVs & Urban Air Mobility

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