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Honeywell microelectronics provide radiation-hardened integrated circuits and technology for aerospace and electrical systems. Our microelectronics were built to increase performance, reduce risks and ensure mission success in space and other radiation-prone environments.

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Why Honeywell Microelectronics?

Mission Readiness

Honeywell has a proven history of enabling customers to meet mission objectives in defense and space.


Honeywell microelectronics ensure systems perform accurately in severe radiation environments and conditions.


The range of our T&T products are designed to meet a variety of needs and require minimal training.


All our microelectronics undergo vigorous testing stages to ensure high-efficiency in radiation-prone conditions.

Meeting Mandates

Honeywell microelectronics continue to meet and exceed quality, safety and reliability mandates.


Honeywell adheres to strict quality controls in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all products.

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Our Aerospace experts can customize solutions based on your individual or business needs.