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LED Dual-Mode Red/IR Anti-Collision Light for the UH-60 Platform

With a vision to equip today’s aircraft with advanced lighting technologies that meet the needs of the most challenging missions, Honeywell introduces new LED anti-collision lights to upgrade the legacy Xenon anti-collision lights (ACL) on UH-60 platforms.

Honeywell has an unparalleled experience of more than 20 years of developing LED lights for the exterior of aircraft, with products amassing over three billion LED flight-hours. Honeywell LED products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet advertised performance and the minimum light output required by regulatory agencies for anti-collision lighting installed on aircraft.

Benefits of the Honeywell Led Dual-Mode Red/IR Anti-Collision Lights

Our lighting technologies are all about making aircraft safer and easier to manage for pilots and controllers. The new LED anti-collision lights from Honeywell are a natural upgrade from the obsolete white Xenon lights, featuring dual-mode infrared that increases aircraft recognition and boosts photometric life.

As this is a drop-in replacement, aircraft operators do not have to modify their UH-60 platforms to upgrade them to this new ACL IR capability. This eliminates the need for additional person-hours, reduces aircraft downtime and improves overall efficiency.

Key Honeywell Advantages:

  • Drop-in installation that increases aircraft safety and recognition and reduces operator costs
  • LEDs boosts photometric life up to 40,000 hours (40x improvement over Xenon)
  • Removes weight from rear of aircraft
  • Reduced power consumption by 88%
  • Reduced drag
  • Robust environmental protection
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Replaceable LED module
  • Replaceable lens assembly
  • Replaceable power-printed board
  • 28 VDC input power that eliminates power supply.

Customer Support

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Available Downloads  (1)
Brochure: LED Dual-Mode Red/IR Anti-Collision Light UH-60 Platform
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