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The Mark XXII enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) is a terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) optimized for instrument flight rules (IFR) helicopters with a radio altimeter.

Our state-of-the-art Mark XXII enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) is for instrument flight rules (IFR) helicopters with a radio altimeter, exceeding helicopter terrain awareness and warning system (HTAWS) requirements. In addition the Mark XXII features several modes like call-outs for excessive bank angles, tail strike protection and autorotation. The Mark XXII comes standard with an internal 8-channel GPS card for installations where an external GPS is not available for position input.

Using our proprietary worldwide database (11 regions), including high resolution terrain, airports, heliports, obstacles and oil rigs, our Mark XXII EGPWS incorporates many features not found in competing systems, such as:

  • Option to suppress low altitude mode, audio or terrain according to pilot preferences
  • Special operation modes for low level operations, search and rescue (SAR) over water and offshore transport
  • Meets North Sea automatic voice alarm device (AVAD) requirements
  • Peaks display depicts the highest and lowest elevation terrain within the display range at any altitude, when most TAWS displays would be blank, which is useful in the event of an unplanned descent
  • Geometric altitude algorithm overcomes barometric altimetry limitations, like cold weather operations
  • Auto pop-up change from radar to terrain display in the event of a terrain alert, reducing pilot workload during this critical time

Instrument flight rules (IFR) operators should consider a Mark XXII EGPWS.

For the Heli Offshore Upgrade for AW139 Platforms: In order to receive a quote, please refer to your point of contact provided with the Leonardo Customer Support & Training Worldwide Directory, available on the Leonardo website at this link

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Brochures  (2)
Mark XXI & Mark XXII Helicopter EGPWS - HTAWS
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EGPWS Helicopter Offshore Safety Enhancements
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