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Spacecraft Control Electronics Assembly (CEA)

Spacecraft Control Electronics Assembly (CEA)

An electronics system for complex satellite missions.

The Control Electronics Assembly (CEA) is a Spacecraft attitude control and gimbal control electronics system for complex satellite missions.

The CEA manages and interfaces with Inertial Reference Units (IRUs), Sun Sensors and Magnetometers.

The CEA also is the main interface to torque rods, reaction wheels, thrusters and solar panel pointing and gimbaling control.

Coupled with a Command, Telemetry and Control Unit (CTCU) or On-Board Computer (OBC), the CEA provides complete satellite attitude control system solution.

As a leader in space electronics products and on-board computing, Honeywell has supplied more than 200 space computers with a 100% on-orbit success rate and is the only supplier of certified Strategic Grade processors, delivering over 2,000 units.

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