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FMZ-2000 Flight Management System (FMS)

FMZ-2000 Flight Management System (FMS)

The FMZ-2000 has been the flight management system (FMS) of choice for pilots and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for over 20 years. It delivers superior performance and exceeds the requirements of modern airspace. Today, there are over 3,000 aircraft in service that use the FMZ-2000.

For more than 20 years, our FMZ-2000 has been the flight management system (FMS) of choice for pilots and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It delivers superior performance and exceeds the requirements of modern airspace. Today, there are over 3,000 aircraft in service that use the FMZ-2000.

With the FMZ-2000 pilots can navigate the aircraft from take-off to landing and the database includes the information necessary to fly the “highway” in the terminal area (near the airport) after departure; in the en route phase (between airports); and in the arrival phase.

The FMS includes the latest technologies that allow crew members to program it so that the shortest routes can be flown to save time, fuel and ensure a landing at any airport with a runway long enough to fit the aircraft. Also, the FMZ-2000 utilizes vertical navigation (VNAV) temperature compensation which compensates for altitude discrepancy during extreme weather conditions providing increased access to airports with temperature restrictions.

The FMZ-2000 streamlines the transition to air traffic control vector control in the terminal area by removing unneeded approach waypoints from the flight plan and drawing an extended runway centerline, all with a single push of a button.

Additionally, this solution includes navigation database additional procedures including: circle-to-land procedures, tactical air navigation (TACAN) approaches, multiple area navigation (RNAV) approaches to the same runway end and en route holding patterns--- all loaded into the database.

The FMZ-2000 is offered as a control display unit with a remote-mounted navigation computer (the NZ-2010 offering) or with a card for the integrated avionics computer (the IC-810 offering.)

More details on the FMZ-2000:

  • Includes localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV)
  • Provides lower minima (down to 200 feet) in order to provide more options in the U.S. and Europe
  • Features loadable takeoff and landing data (TOLD) Database which is available for certain models of aircraft
  • Contains SmartPerf learned performance management, which integrates aircraft performance data and learns aircraft-specific characteristics
  • And much more…automated hold-to-altitude (HA) leg sequencing, optimized heading-to-altitude & heading to intercept (VA/VI) combinations, faster custom DB transfer times, terminal area procedure output for chart-linking in Primus Elite

Required for the 2020 Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A Mandate on the following aircraft:

  • Bombardier Challenger 601 1A / 3A

Attention FMZ-2000 Operators Using Pre-FMS 6.1 Software

Beginning in January 2021, an end-of-life program will be initiated for software versions prior to FMS 6.1.

The end-of-life actions will not interrupt Navigation Database subscription service, but operators should plan to upgrade to FMS 6.1, or later, software as soon as feasible. 

Operators who don’t upgrade to FMS 6.1 will experience price increases for Navigation Database subscriptions.   

For more information regarding this end-of-life program, reference Honeywell Service Information Letter (SIL) D201604000032 Revision 3, or later. This SIL can be downloaded from the Honeywell MyAerospace Portal Technical Publications site.

Comparison Chart

FMZ-2000 (not 6.1 or above) FMZ-2000 Version 6.1 Upgrade Next Generation Flight Management Systems (NGFMS)
Primus Epic FMS
Primus Apex FMS
Required Navigation Performance     X    
Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (SBAS-LPV)   X X X X
VNAV Temperature Compensation   X X X X
Vectors-to-Final Approaches   X X X X
En route Holding Procedures   X X X X
Externally loadable flight plans - DLMU X X X X X
Adaptable Modular Architecture     X    
Mission optimization with econ speeds and idle descent path     X    
Mission optimization with optimum altitude, optimum steps   X X X X
First Principles Predictions optimized for future Air Traffic Management (ATM) functionality     X    
Smart PERF with predicted time, altitude and fuel X X   X X
Air Ground Datalink Package, ADS C, CPDLC, AOC   X X X  
Search And Rescue Patterns       X  
Flight Planning on Multiple Flight Plans     X X X
Certified Platforms • Boeing 400
• Boeing 727
• Cessna Citation II/III/V/X/Bravo/Encore/Excel/XLS
• Bombardier Challenger CL-601
• Dornier328 100/200/300
• Embraer 135/145/650
• Falcon 2000/900/900C/900EX/50EX
• Gulfstream 300/400/500/II/II/IV/V
• Hawker 800/800XP/1000
• Lockheed L382G C130/P3
• SAAB 2000
• Sino Swearingen SJ30
• Bombardier Challenger 605,
CL601-3A/3R, GEX/XRS/5000
• British Aerospace 700/800/1000
• Cessna Citation III-VI-VII, X, C560XL/XLS, C560/EN/EX, XLS, Encore+, C550B, C650
• Dassault Falcon 900/900B/900EX
• Embraer Legacy 600/650, 135/140/145/650
• Gulfstream 300/400/IV/V
• Dornier DO328 /100/200/300

• Boeing 747/-8/4
• Embraer 170/175/190/195, Lineage 1000

• Gulfstream G500
• Gulfstream G650
• Dassault Falcon 8X

• Agusta AW139
• Citation Sovereign
• Embraer 170/190/195
• Falcon F7X/F900/F2000
• Gulfstream 450/550
• Hawker Horizon
• Chinese Y12F
• Dornier Seastar
• Pilatus PC-12
• SyberJet-SJ30
• Viking Twin Otter

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Brochures  (1)
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