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Optical Inter-Satellite Link Communication Terminal

Optical Inter-Satellite Link Communication Terminal

The Honeywell/Ball OISL terminal is a compact solution that will meet the needs of the emerging Low Earth Orbit mega-constellation market.

The terminal consists of an optical head unit (OHU) which provides the free-space-to-fiber-optic interface, a transceiver that provides the optical to electrical interface, and controller electronics that operate the OHU. 

The OHU comprises a gimballed mirror feeding a single telescope, which connects to an acquisition and tracking system (OPTRAC).  The compact OPTRAC unit contains the tracking sensor, fine pointing correction, point-ahead correction, channel separation, and fiber optic coupling.

The terminal has a modular design, allowing customization for specific applications.  These could include changes to wavelength selection, data rates, modem processing or telescope size.  The modular design also facilitates assembly and testing, ensuring that recurring engineering costs are minimized.

Key Honeywell Advantages:

  • High-speed, low-power communication
  • Full duplex communication
  • Fast, reliable link acquisition
  • Independent pointing (does not rely on platform attitude control)
  • Variable transmitter power, adaptable for data rates and operating conditions
  • Optimized for low-cost volume production
  • Modular design for adaptability to specific missions
  • ITAR free

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