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GC-27 Ground CDL Terminal

GC-27 Ground Common Datalink Terminal

Providing video, voice and data in any type of battle situation.

GC-27 is a high data rate, man-portable tactical common datalink terminal featuring the Honeywell AC-27 directional antenna and the L-3 Mini-Common Datalink (CDL) 200 transceiver. This multi-function common datalink antenna system is designed to support high bandwidth military tactical video, voice and data by enabling real-time communication with an airborne data terminal while being deployed in a variety of battle situations.

  • Capable of symmetric data rates up to 45 Mbps
  • Supports high definition video, data and voice
  • Common datalink specification Annex B compliant
  • Supports Type 1, triple data encryption algorithm (Triple-DEA), and advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption
  • Differential global positioning system provides accurate location and heading information without lengthy setup time
  • Quick deploy adjustable tripod supports the entire system on uneven terrain

Brochures  (2)
Brochures  (2)
AC-27 CDL Antenna System
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GC-27 Ground CDL
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Networking the Battlespace
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