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Sky Connect Transceivers

Sky Connect Transceivers

The Iridium transceiver and antenna enable global voice and data communications with the Iridium satellite network.

Tracker III Transceiver

The compact, tray-mounted transceiver unit contains two Iridium modems that provide tracking, text messaging, and voice telephone services. The transceiver is controlled with Sky Connect dialers for calling through crew headsets and for text messaging.

The voice capable systems are provided in two configurations; one to support voice over headsets through the aircraft audio system and one that can support both headset or telephone handsets.

The Tracker III includes these functions:

  • Collection and storage of navigation data, automatically reporting time stamped position, altitude, ground speed, and ground track information
  • Collection and storage of aircraft status such as fuel status, aircraft system status, limit alarms and other aircraft telemetry
  • Flight data monitoring option for post-flight analysis
  • Supports up to two voice channels
  • Plain old telephone system/service (POTS) interface and phones/ audio port (4-wire) or second POTS port
  • Adjustable audio output and microphone level input
  • Provides concurrent voice while texting/tracking
  • Easier installation/configuration through an embedded web server using a standard laptop
  • Power-down message after removal of ship's power using non-battery backup power source
  • New internal ARINC 429 interface with flight management system/global positioning system
  • Aircraft phone number and configuration data stored in external configuration module

The Tracker III meets Flight Data Monitoring compliance for FAA rule 135.607 for Helicopter Air Ambulance operators. The Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) function provides a means of collecting data from on-board systems through various interfaces to record and communicate aircraft performance and potential maintenance needs. User-configurable alerts can be generated based on threshold exceedance. Alert messages are communicated to the ground operations center using the Iridium satellite network.

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Sky Connect Tracking System
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Sky Connect Tracker III
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