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AMT-700 High-Gain Antenna

L-band tail mount Class 6 high gain antenna for Inmarsat single and multi-channel connectivity.

The AMT-700 is a complete ARINC 781 high gain antenna (HGA). The antenna is used to receive and transmit voice and data from aircraft via the Inmarsat satellite network, and supports multi-channel SwiftBroadband (Class 6 services).

Key Benefits:

  • The AMT-700 is a mechanically steered Inmarsat antenna that meets ARINC 781 standards.
  • Made up of only two line replacement units: an antenna unit and a diplexer/low noise amplifier. The antenna is lightweight (4.3 lb.)
  • Integrated autopilot control unit in order to provide greater flexibility for installation.
  • High gain antenna – achieving greater than
  • 13.5dBic over 100 percent of the Inmarsat coverage volume.


Brochures  (2)
Brochures  (2)
AMT-700 Inmarsat High Gain Antenna
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AMT-50 to AMT-700 Conversion Installation Kit Instructions
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