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IRU/ADIRU Magnetic Variation Software Update

IRU/ADIRU Magnetic Variation Software Update

Honeywell’s Magnetic Variation (MagVar) software update ensures your fleet’s inertial reference systems magnetic variation table is up to date with the earth’s Earth’s natural change, avoiding operational limitation by allowing your aircraft to operate safely on precision approaches.

In aviation, all air navigation is referenced to the earth’s Earth’s magnetic north pole, which is constantly shifting. Honeywell’s MagVar solution updates your aircraft’s magnetic variation table, ensuring that no conflict happens between onboard systems and published instrument procedures, avoiding hazardous magnetic-related navigation errors and operational limitations in challenging weather conditions.

Update your MagVar software to avoid facing operational restrictions in northernmost airports, like Anchorage, Fairbanks, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

How frequently should I update my software?

Honeywell recommends that airline operators update their MagVar software every 10 years.

Why should I keep my Magnetic Variations table up to date?

Maintaining IRU/ADIRU MagVar is required to avoid aircraft operational restrictions on Auto-land / Auto rollout operations below Cat I ILS approaches.

What is the impact on my operation?

Major consequence of an out-of-date magnetic variation table is on the lateral guidance during Auto-land (ILS Cat II and Cat III approaches) and automatic rollout.