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HTS900 Turboshaft Engine

HTS900 Turboshaft Engine

Delivers More Power and Productivity for Exceptional Hot and High Performance

For owners and operators of single- and twin-engine helicopters and future Urban Air Mobility craft who want expanded mission versatility and increased revenue-earning potential, the HTS900 Turboshaft Engine delivers the power you need whenever you need it.  

Don't choose between reducing operating costs and providing improved power, productivity and performance during critical missions. Get it all. Learn how the HTS900 engine helped Eagle Copters improve Hot and High Performance for the 407HP.

Key Benefits Include:

·         Improved payload / productivity (hotter & higher)
·         Best fuel efficiency in its class
·         Proven advanced-technology compressor
·         FADEC-controlled
·         Lower cost of ownership

Turboshaft Comparison

Model Engine Type Market Length
Takeoff Power
(Sea Level, SHP)
Output Shaft Speed
LTS101-700D-2 Turboshaft Commercial Helicopter 31.6/80.2 24.8/63 732 37000
Turboshaft Commercial Helicopter 31.1/78.9 25.4/64.4 780 36281
Turboshaft Commercial Helicopter 36.3/92.2 25.5/64.7 820 6317
T53 Turboshaft Commercial and Military Helicopters 47.6/120.9 24.5/62.2 1500 6461
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 48.1/122.2 28.7/72.9 1361 6402
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 34.0/86.4 28.7/72.9 1373 23000
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 47.1/119.6 24.3/61.6 4777 15066
Turboshaft Military Helicopters 47.1/119.6 24.3/61.6 4777 15066

RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
SHP = Shaft Horsepower

Infographics  (1)
Infographics  (1)
HTS900 Powers the Eagle 407HP
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Customer Success Stories  (2)
Customer Success Stories  (2)
Nevada Department of Wildlife Goes Hot and High with "Amazing" Eagle 407HP
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Yellowhead Helicopters Praises Performance and Reliability of Eagle 407 HP
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