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AeroNav GPS/Nav/Com/MFD

AeroNav GPS/Nav/Com/MFD

Modernize your aircraft cockpit with AeroNav, BendixKing’s cost-effective navigation system. 

The AeroNav series is designed as a slide in replacement for the GNS 430 and GNS 530 legacy navigators to minimize installation time and cost.

The AeroNav full-featured GPS/FMS/NAV/COM product suite makes your flying experience easier and highly efficient as it offers two ways of accessing the screen which help reduce head-down time:

  • A highly advanced touch screen enabling you to navigate with fewest number of keystrokes
  • Dedicated knobs and buttons so you can access the screen in case of turbulence


The AeroNav product suite offers options that help you make your flight worry-free. The innovative touch screen, with minimal screen-navigation time, gives you hassle-free access to the information you need. In addition, the precise Synthetic vision gives you the view that you need, right on your navigation screen. The Synthetic vision comes with a choice of an out-the-window view or an in-trail view, and is included at no additional charge.


To expedite the navigation through the touch screen, AeroNav features a predictive next waypoint entry based upon its proximity to your current location or the previous waypoint in your flight plan. The built-in artificial intelligence auto-fills the remaining characters for a waypoint based upon distance from the current position, avoiding the need to review the entire database to get to the desired entry. This dramatically reduces the effort in screen usage.

AeroNav reduces data entry by as much as 75%, reducing head-down time, and ultimately increasing efficiency and safety. Tests have been conducted and have shown that reduction in button pushes and knob twists go down by an average of over 60%.

The easy-to-use user interface offers dropdown menus that are designed to provide easy data entry of airways, exit waypoints, destinations, and approach procedures. AeroNav can automatically create user-defined waypoints to further ease flight planning tasks.


The AeroNav offers built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so your favorite flight apps will always be part of your toolkit.  Below is a list of applications and required software levels needed to interact with the AeroNav.

  • ForeFlight 7.6 or later and AeroNav software Release
  • Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB 2.4 and AeroNav software Release
  • FltPlan Go 4.4.6 and AeroNav software Release
  • AvPlan EFB and AeroNav software Release

Jeppesen Charts

AeroNav Jeppesen’s chart services displays electronic terminal and approach charts and airport diagrams and includes a geo-referenced overlay of aircraft present position and current flight plan. AeroNav dramatically reduces the pilot workload and enhances situational awareness with one-button access to the worldwide library of Jeppesen electronic charts and airport diagrams. Charts databases are quickly and easily updatable via the USB port on the AeroNav bezel using virtually any standard USB memory stick.

AeroNav/IFD100 App for iPad

AeroNav/IFD-Series are the only FMS/GPS Navigators in aviation offering both built-in Bluetooth® and WiFi. All AeroNav products offer a WiFi connection to Apple iPads with the AeroNav/IFD100 iPad App. This App acts as an additional instance of an AeroNav, where you can edit your flight plan, monitor your map for ADS-B weather & traffic, and independently view pages. Even if you have the smaller glass AeroNav 780 or 800, up to two iPads running the AeroNav/IFD100 App can be connected to a single AeroNav and allow  large screen capabilities at a no additional cost.

AeroNav/IFD Trainer App for iPad

Use the AeroNav/IFD Trainer App on your iPad to discover how easy it is to fly with AeroNav. Enter a new origin in the powerful yet simple to use FMS and fly around that location following easy to add flight plan procedures.

Available Downloads  (2)
Available Downloads  (2)
Avidyne & BendixKing Transponders Service Bulletin
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AeroNav GPS Navigation Brochure
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AeroNav 900/880 & AeroNav 910/905


  • 5.7” diagonal with touch screen
  • Full VGA - 640 x 480 pixels
  • 65,535 colors
  • Ultrabright sunlight readable with LED backlighting


  • Width: 6.30" (16.0cm)
  • Height: 4.60“ (11.7cm)
  • Depth: 11.00“(27.5cm) behind panel including connectors
  • Weight (including tray & connectors)
  • AeroNav 910 - 9.19 lb (4.17 kg)
  • AeroNav 900 - 8.79 lb (3.99 kg)
  • VHF COM Power Output (900 and 910 only)
  • 10 Watts nominal
  • Optional 16Watt (for 28vdc installations only)

AeroNav 800/780


  • 4.8” diagonal with touch screen
  • 640 x 235 pixels
  • 65,535 colors
  • Ultrabright sunlight readable with LED backlighting


  • Width: 6.30" (16.0cm)
  • Height: 2.66“ (6.73cm)
  • Depth: 11.0“(27.5cm) behind panel including connectors
  • Weight (including tray & connectors)
  • AeroNav 800 - 6.88 lb (2.34 kg)
  • 11 - 33VDC
  • 4.4A/6.5A transmit @14vdc
  • 2.2A/4.0A transmit @28vdc  

The AeroNav offers built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so your favorite flight apps will always be part of your toolkit. 

AeroNav 900 GPS navigator