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For Wi-Fi Reliability, United Wings International Trusts AeroWave

For Wi-Fi Reliability, United Wings International Trusts AeroWave


Affordable pay-as-you-go system

Small antenna which is ideal for light & midsize jets 

Single system operates seamlessly in the air or on the ground

Eduardo Marquez is a perfectionist who’s been involved in aviation for three decades. “I’m very passionate about working on aircraft and making sure they’re meticulously maintained,” he says. “I enjoy it when all the systems and technologies are up to date. That’s my drive, every day.”

Avionics Sales Corporation, one of Eduardo’s companies, is an authorized sales and service center for BendixKing, with whom he’s been working for about 24 years. He knows many of the engineers, sales reps, and management executives, and appreciates the quality of BendixKing products and the responsive service he receives.

When Marquez established the corporate jet management company United Wings International in 2016, it was only natural for him to turn to BendixKing for a reliable Wi-Fi system. He found it in the AeroWave 100.

Marquez installed the AeroWave 100 system on the Hawker 800XP and Gulfstream G100 owned by United Wings, as well as four other aircraft the company manages for different owners.

“It’s extremely important to have a reliable Wi-Fi system in a charter jet,” he says. “In fact, most businesspeople will not even get on an aircraft that doesn’t have a reliable Wi-Fi system.”

One of the first things that attracted Marquez to the AeroWave system was how small the antenna was compared to other systems, making it ideal for light and midsize jets. Marquez has high praise for the solid construction, as well as the detailed installation manual. He says, “all the boxes that come with the system, which includes the antenna, router, T-Bias, an HDU, and mounting trays, are designed in a way that makes it easy to install in different types of aircraft very easily.”

Another feature that Marquez appreciates is the fact that AeroWave works on the ground and in the air. “There’s no need to install two separate systems or worry about connectivity when you’re on the ground in an international location,” he says. Passengers stay seamlessly connected whenever they’re inside the aircraft.

The Wi-Fi system keeps business travelers connected and is also good for United Wings’ bottom line. “It’s incredible that BendixKing doesn’t charge a monthly service fee,” reflects Marquez. “If an aircraft is undergoing maintenance or isn’t flying for some other reason, we’re not spending money on a system that’s not being used.”

Pricing for the current AeroWave 100 system is simply based on the number of minutes used. “You don’t have to worry about how many people are connected or the megabytes and gigabytes that nobody understands,” Marquez says. “Whether you connect three, four, or eight people it’s the same. You just buy a package of minutes and order more when you need them. There’s even an online portal where you can see the usage. It couldn’t be easier.”

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