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Protecting Forces and Completing the Mission

For over four decades, Honeywell electromagnetic technologies have been protecting soldiers, airmen and sailors and helping allies complete their missions. We design our systems to be easy to use and maintain, and our expertise in hardened electronics ensures our forces can counter or deploy the most advanced cyber technologies.

Our systems power the U.S. Navy’s Next Generation Jammer and help give the Patriot and Aegis radars their superior range and accuracy.

Our components in the ALQ-172 and ALQ-211 electronic countermeasures detect and disrupt attacks on aircrafts and our thermal systems cool electronics aboard the F-35, F-22, E-2C, EA-6B and F-16.

Whatever your need, Honeywell is ready to help you meet it: on any platform, anywhere in the world. 

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Ferrite Manufacturing/Antennae

Ferrite manufacturing has led the way for antennae applications in the aerospace and defense industry. Ferrite-based switches are used to implement high-power, high-speed switching matrices used for beam-hopping on telecommunications networks.

As a leader in high-technology microwave equipment, Honeywell can provide reliable ferrite applications for antennae and other manufacturing needs.

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Power Generation

Honeywell's auxiliary power systems and generators power military and civilian aircraft around the world. 

Our 1-megawatt and 250-kilowatt generators boast the highest power density in the industry, providing reliable energy for electromagnetic operations, directed energy and other applications.

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Thermal Management

Honeywell's innovative thermal systems are built for cooling high-power transmitters and other electronics. Our thermal management systems can be found on the F-35, F-22, E-2C, EA-6B and F-15.

Our Micro Vapor Cycle System offers superior cooling, low-maintenance requirements and an environmentally-friendly refrigerant. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Rocky Research, specializes in cooling systems for directed energy, armored vehicles, transmitters and other applications.

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Radiation-Hardened Microelectronics

Honeywell's radiation-hardened microelectronics operate reliability in the most punishing radiation environments, from low earth orbit to deep space and from battlefields to the most demanding industrial settings.

Honeywell’s Silicon On Insulator (SOI) CMOS process offers high levels of integration, minimized power dissipation and high performance to enable reliable, cost-effective products for space, military and customers.

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Radar Subassemblies

Honeywell is a leader in radar technology and supplies components for the AN/ALQ-211 suite of integrated radio frequency countermeasures, the seeker for the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile, and the Phalanx Close-in Weapon System.

We also produce weather and traffic avoidance radars for airliners, business aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft around the world.

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Jam-Resistant Navigation

Honeywell offers a full line of inertial navigation solutions that can overcome the degraded navigation challenges of GNSS-denied environments. They include Honeywell’s Compact Inertial Navigation System (HCINS) which provides continuous navigation support for both civilian and military UAV applications.

Our HGuide and Inertial Sensors and Navigators deliver best-in-class UAV navigation and control in all types of conditions. In addition, our GPSDome anti-jamming system helps protect against spoofing and related attacks. 

Honeywell Forge for Cyber

Honeywell Forge for Cyber provides 24/7 monitoring, global incident response coverage and detailed,  actionable, countermeasures or remediation guidance.

Honeywell Connected Cybersecurity HC2- is our Cyber on a Chip solution addressing over the air secure data updates, zero-trust, intrusion detection and remediation.

In addition, we provide cyber services including penetration testing, system hardening, “crystal bird” simulations and cyber consulting.

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Services & Capabilities

At Honeywell, we are focused on providing not only the best technology for electromagnetic spectrum operations, but also services to make your team successful.

Our laboratories and engineering teams can help design, test and prototype electronic, electromechanical or cyber technology for any environment.

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