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Unleash the power of advanced cooling, and experience unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and performance for defense platforms.

Introducing Honeywell Micro Vapor Cycle System (VCS) - a groundbreaking cooling solution designed to address thermal challenges for the defense industry. With its lightweight, compact design and efficient performance, the MicroVCS is revolutionizing defense platform cooling systems.

• Light & Compact: Up to 35% lighter than conventional systems.

• Proven Design: Based on mature, fielded units that have performed reliably in demanding environments.

• Low Maintenance: Highly reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

• Improved System Performance: Ensures optimal operation of electronics and avionics systems.

• Enhanced Mission Endurance: Energy-efficient design extends battery life and mission endurance.

• Reduced Thermal Signature: Minimizes detectability for stealth capabilities.

• Increased Reliability: Rugged design withstands harsh conditions in critical missions.

Applications Across Defense Platforms


•   Avionics and battery

•   Cockpit and cabin

•   Transmission and gearbox oil


•   Liquid Cooling for battery modules

•   Avionics and other electronics


•   Avionics and pods

•   Cockpit and cabin


•   Avionics and other electronics

•   Cockpit, cabin and and cargo compartments

The versatile MicroVCS is designed for seamless integration across a wide range of defense platforms, including aircraft, ground vehicles and naval vessels. Experience the benefits of advanced cooling technology for your mission critical applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in even the most demanding environments.

Featured Defense Platforms:

.   Aircraft: F22 Raptor, F 16 Fighting Falcon, F/A 18 Super Hornet and more.

.   Ground Vehicles: M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle, Bradley Fighting Vehicle and more.

.   Naval Vessels: Arleigh Burke class destroyer, Ticonderoga class cruiser, Virginia class submarine and more.

Get Started with Honeywell MicroVCS

Experience the benefits of advanced cooling technology for your defense platform. Let our experts help you find the perfect MicroVCS solution for your specific needs.

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