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Strong Legacy. Relentless Innovation.

Modernize Your Defense, Maximize Your Readiness

From satellite communications to connected warfighters, Honeywell innovations are trusted by the most advanced defense forces in the world. Our battle-tested technologies can help get you up to speed – fast.

Prepare to meet future challenges on every front by joining forces with a proven champion.

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Multi-Domain Capabilities Modernize Your Military Forces

For over a century, we have been equipping defense agencies all around the globe with the most advanced systems and abilities, enabling them to operate no matter the mission, location or environment.

Defense Platforms

Today’s military need solutions that boost operational efficiency, safety and connectivity. We can help.

Every mission depends on strong, reliable and capable products

In-service on transport aircraft around the world, our proven range of capabilities have helped support the fleet with their critical logistical mission profile.

Supported Platforms


• C-5

• C-17

• C-17J

• C-130J

• C-130 A – H

• CN-235

• C-295

• E/A-18G Growler

• E-2D Hawkeye

• KC-10

• KC-130

• KC-135

• P-8 MMA 


• Communications

• Engine systems and accessories

• Lighting

• Navigation and sensors

• Power systems

• Safety systems

• Thermal and environmental control systems

• Weather radar

• Wheels and brakes

Fighter aircraft are fixed-wing military aircraft designed to secure control of essential airspace and air-to-air combat through firepower and maneuverability.

Our technologies enable fighter pilots to deliver air-to-air and close air support operations with the maximum precision, safety and capability required to dominate the environment.

Supported Platforms

• F-16

• F-15

• AV-8B

• A-10

• Eurofighter

• F/A-18

• F-22


• Gripen


• Cockpit systems

• Connectivity

• Engine systems and accessories

• Lighting

• Mechanical components

• Navigation

• Power systems

• Safety systems

• Thermal and environmental control systems

• Weather radar

• Wheels and brakes

Our technologies are proven in-service and have enabled pilots to deliver their mission for more than 60 years. Our innovation continues to develop the future of vertical lift.

Supported Platforms

• CH-47

• UH-60

• UH-1

• MH-139

• AH-64

• AW159

• Super Lynx

• T-129


• Cockpit systems

• Connectivity

• Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)

• Power generation

• Power systems

• Propulsion systems

• Safety systems

• Weather radar

Proven in-theatre and in-service with militaries around the world, our technology for land systems delivers precise, reliable and effective capabilities for military operators.

Supported Platforms

• Abrams Tank


• Bradley Fighting Vehicles

• CV-90

• M109

• M119

• M777


• Ballistic protection

• Command and control systems

• Diagnostic and prognostic systems

• Engines

• Environmental control systems

• Fuel controls

• Mechanical components

• Navigation and sensors

• Power management generation system

• Situational software

Honeywell’s solutions for naval and commercial marine span high-performance navigation systems and condition-based maintenance to the latest actuation technologies and mechanical components.

Supported Platforms

• Surface warships 

• Submarines

• Unmanned underwater vehicles

• Carriers, oil tankers, containers

• Oil and gas drill ships, 

• Semi-submersibles, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO)

• Subsea construction and survey ships like pipe/cable laying ships


• Actuators 

• Condition-based maintenance

• Navigation

• Fuel controls

• Air turbine starters

• Valves

• Heat exchangers

• Torque motors

• Valve solenoids

• Electro-hydraulic servo valves

• Aqueous Film Forming Foam

• Waterjet propulsion system

Purpose built solutions to help space-defense agencies deploy resilient and secure space and ground systems, strengthening operations and mission readiness, to help secure a leading advantage and protect against future space threats.

Our legacy:

• Leading supplier of avionics, controls and mission solutions for Space

• Specialist in navigation, attitude control, data handling, computing, radio frequency (RF) and optical instruments/products

• Onboard every NASA Human Space mission since the dawn of the Space Age

• Onboard more than 80% of all commercial satellites in orbit today

• Onboard every US DoD Space Mission

• A leading provider of Space-based optical and science instruments 

• Supplier to all major international satellite primes

Supported Platforms

• International Space Station


• Inertial Systems

• Reaction Wheels

• Control Moment Gyros

• Data, Signal Processors

• Microelectronics

• Mechanisms

• Momentum Controls

• Data Storage Systems

• Power Generator

• RF Multiplexers

• Electromechanical Switches

• Ferrite Switches

• Active RF Assemblies

Autonomous and human-controlled aircraft used for Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance and carries operations.

We are making the future a reality with our technology solutions designed exclusively for uncrewed applications.

Supported Platforms


• Global Hawk

• Predator

• Reaper


• Connectivity

• Flight controls

• Flight management systems

• Mission computers

• Navigation and sensors

• Power systems

• Propulsion systems

• Radar

• Thermal management

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Strong Legacy. Relentless Innovation

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