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T55 714C CH-47 Helicopter
T55 714C CH-47 Helicopter

CH-47 Upgrade Takes Legendary Engine to new Heights



  • Next-generation T55 is easier to maintain with lower operating costs and increased readiness for the warfighter.
  • Doubles the operating range for ‘high, hot and heavy’ missions at max payload.
  • Engine modernization program fully-funded by Honeywell.
  • 6,000-horsepower engine is 22% more powerful and consumes 8% less fuel than current T55
  • Incorporates considerable maintainer feedback, including many lessons from the current CH-47 engine
  • Honeywell Tests First T55-714C Engine

    Chalk up another major achievement for Honeywell’s celebrated T55 turboshaft engine. The first T55-714C engine has reached the critical first engine to test (FETT) milestone on its way to being installed on a flight-test aircraft in support of the U.S. Army’s Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

    Rigorous testing on the first and future T55-714C engines is planned over a two-year period to validate the benefits and ease of integration of the new engine variant onto the Chinook platform. Initial tests are being conducted in a specially designed test cell on the Honeywell engine campus in Phoenix.   

    The new Honeywell engine will provide the Army with best-ever heavy-lift capabilities. The next-generation Chinook will be able to carry heavier loads, especially in high and hot operating conditions, than any previous version of the legendary helicopter.

    The T55-714C engine is the latest version of the T55 turboshaft engine that has powered every Chinook flight since the first one in 1961. We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the helicopter’s first flight in October.   

    The new engine will give the Chinook the power it needs to lift heavier payloads of troops, equipment and supplies, along with improvements in range and fuel efficiency. With the new Honeywell engine, the helicopter will carry up to 14,200 pounds of payload at 4,000 feet and 95 degrees F, compared to about 11,000 for the current CH-47.

    The T55-714C will generate 6,000 shaft horsepower, which is a three-fold increase over the original T55 engine and a 23% improvement over the current T55-714A. In addition, the T55-714C will burn 8% less fuel and offer a 25% improvement in overall reliability, including 40% longer compressor life, thanks to a redesigned compressor module. 

    Boeing is currently delivering Chinook aircraft equipped with the T55-714A engine, which can be seamlessly upgraded to the “C” version of the engine when production engines are available.

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