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Honeywell T55 Engine Powers Sales for CH-47 After 60 Years

Honeywell T55 Engine Powers Sales for CH-47 After 60 Years

Sixty years after delivering the first CH-47 Chinook to the U.S. Army, in August 1962, Boeing is still experiencing heavy demand for the world’s most iconic and recognizable helicopter.

In recent months four countries announced plans to add CH-47s to their existing Chinook fleets. Australia, Egypt and Germany ordered the latest model CH-47F, while Argentina is expected to purchase an older version of the helicopter. The combined orders equal more than 90 helicopters, which will be delivered through the end of the decade.

Continuous improvements have kept the Chinook relevant through six decades of service. Boeing’s latest modernization initiative, Chinook Block II, will make sure the helicopter remains the most reliable, capable and ready medium-to-heavy-lift helicopter into the 2060s and beyond.

Every Chinook has been delivered with a pair of Honeywell’s T55 turboshaft propulsion engines. But make no mistake – the T55 has come a long way since the 1960s.

The T55-714A engines that power the CH-47F and Block II aircraft Boeing is delivering today are considerably more powerful, reliable and fuel-efficient than their predecessors, thanks to seven major upgrades. As a result, the 714A variant is truly a 21st century engine, with the lifting power, range and reliability the Army and other operators need to succeed.

At its introduction, the T55 produced 1,600 shaft horsepower (SHP). Today’s T55-714A produces nearly 5,000 SHP. It’s also much more reliable and fuel-efficient than earlier versions. And we’re not stopping there.

The latest configuration T55-714C engine, currently undergoing validation testing, delivers 20% more power and uses 8% less fuel than the current engine. The 6,000-shp class engine is easier to maintain, providing lower operating costs and increased readiness for the warfighter. It also doubles the operating range for “high, hot and heavy” missions at max payload. Existing T55-714A engines can be seamlessly upgraded to the “C” version to enhance their performance. 

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