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JetWave MCX
JetWave MCX

JetWave MCX

JetWave MCX’s open-architecture, multi-network, wideband capabilities enable resilient global connectivity on nearly any commercial, civil or military Ka-band network.

Global Wideband Connectivity for Mission Success

Honeywell’s JetWave MCX satellite communications system delivers the world’s most advanced high-speed SATCOM capabilities needed for the most demanding mission profiles. It enables global in-flight broadband data connectivity on nearly any Ka-band network – including Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network, Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS), and other commercial and military Ka-band networks – making it truly network-agnostic for the most extensive global coverage.

Built on proven, high-speed JetWave technology, JetWave MCX utilizes a wider frequency band (29-31 GHz Tx and 19.2-21.2 GHz Rx), offering access to commercial and military Ka-bands globally. And the dual polarity configuration provides increased bandwidth in high-traffic areas while meeting high-data uplink requirements that military and government operators require. JetWave MCX is designed with “future-proofing” in mind, exceeding current connectivity requirements while enabling expanded customer connectivity needs in the future.

For the unique requirements of military and government operators, JetWave MCX can enable a wide variety of mission-critical applications, such as en-route mission communications, real-time weather, in-flight video conferencing, large file transfer, in-flight mission planning and briefings, ISR video transmission, and secure communications. We offer specialized data packages for ISR missions, making use of the increased upload speed capabilities. Single-IP address network-switching capabilities enable seamless connectivity for users globally, while access to resilient modem waveforms offers additional security and jam-resistance in hostile environments.

JetWave MCX’s high-bandwidth capabilities can transform the aircraft into an “airborne communications node” by receiving data simultaneously from multiple sources – such as UAVs or ground forces – then processing and amalgamating the data for airborne Command and Control or for transmission to ground control.

No matter the mission profile, JetWave MCX offers the resiliency, bandwidth, and network-agnostic capabilities needed to enable mission success.

Key Features

  • Multi-network access to Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network, Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS), plus network agnostic access to other Ka-band MEO and GEO satellites
  • Wider frequency band: 29-31 GHz Tx and 19.2-21.2 GHz Rx
  • Secure, low-latency and resilient connectivity providing real-time situational awareness in even the most hostile environments
  • Increased data rates multiple times faster than legacy Ka-band solutions for a connectivity experience comparable to your home or office
  • Optimized to meet high-data uplink requirements that military and government operators require

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Honeywell JetWave MCX
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